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20th Jul 2003, 01:43
for me it's as follows......

Seeing my 3 newborn babies

The night I found a newborn kitten on my bed

Passing my first year of HND with flying colours

:ok: :ok: :ok:

What were the best moments of your lives?

20th Jul 2003, 02:08

Hand flew it out of SVQ to FL200, glorious weather. Think I may get very very used to this job.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
20th Jul 2003, 03:54
I've got a very short memory. Today, flying very close formation with a Partenavia and another Chippy to drop ashes of the other Chippy pilot's late father along 09 at Liverpool John Lennon was pretty good. Then, after our 15 minutes or so of magic, we handed the airport back to the parrafin burners to continue the mundane business of air travel.

But looking into the deep brown eyes of my 10-minute old daughter (hello old one, you look like you've been here before and know what it's all about - me to her) probably is the the tops.


20th Jul 2003, 04:31
I know how you feel, shaggy sheep, my 10 year old daughter also has brown eyes, and she is soooooo beautiful.......

20th Jul 2003, 05:15
There are so many deeply special moments in ones life, and I still hope the best are yet to come, but these two are up there.

Meeting and falling in love with the most amazing man

Passing all my validations, (actually I felt sick and full of headache afterwards)

I have yet to experience children , but im daft enough to hope that maybe it will happen to me to and then I'm sure it will be up on my list.


20th Jul 2003, 06:13
I suppose seeing my third and fourth offspring being born within 30 mins of each other.. 6 weeks premature, very light, and mum covered (and I mean covered) in chicken pox..

(BTW, they are now 11 and wicked!)

20th Jul 2003, 06:37
1) Meeting my wife-to-be on a blind date. 2) Getting the wrong train back and having to spend even more time with her. :p 3) Proposing to her at the piggery. 4) Marrying her despite all the opposition. :ouch: 5) Being there when two beautiful daughters arrive. :eek: :eek: 6) Seeing them blossom into great young women. 7) Finally getting that cylinder head back on the 124 series Benz. :cool:

20th Jul 2003, 06:46
Yep - much the same. Looking into the eyes of moments-old daughters; walking down the aisle with M; up ditto with both daughters; first sermon (now that WAS an experience and a moment of serious reflection); first solo...

20th Jul 2003, 08:38
Being hit by true love for the first time; truly spiritually uplifting.
Passing my bike and car tests,getting married, achieving my ADC ticket (approach and radar felt a bit anti-cliamctic...), seeing both children being born, No.1 son remembering to switch off the toilet light...Ace times to the grave!:ok:

20th Jul 2003, 08:53
Winning Cowes week sailing then flying solo soon after:O :O :O

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