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19th Jul 2003, 15:16
Came across this site (http://www.helicopterservice.com.au) recently. Loads of good shots of carrier ops, just click on the Gallery button.

John Eacott
19th Jul 2003, 18:04

Thanks for the compliment, glad you liked them. Only another couple of thousand sitting on the hard drive........;)

eastern wiseguy
22nd Jul 2003, 19:05
Hi John ,
superb gallery...what was the story behind the ditched Sea King? I trust everyone got out ok!!

22nd Jul 2003, 20:28
Yeah, super stuff, John; I've just forwarded the url to a mate (ex-FAA) who is absolutely delighted, having been on the 'Eagle' until just before then.

Keep up the great work!

23rd Jul 2003, 00:02
Hi John,
Nice pics, what blew up the Leander?Torp or missile? Spectacular!

23rd Jul 2003, 04:57
MightyGem: thanks for highlighting the site.

John: what a find - a real step back in time.

Is it ok with both of you if I publicise this on the Flypast magazine forum?

John Eacott
23rd Jul 2003, 12:45
Thanks, everyone. The SK ditching was in the Caribbean, night CASEX when one engine went quiet at 0100, and it more or less auto ditched. The crew floated around happily in Sea State 1, nicely anchored by the sonar, as the cable cut didn't! I was airborne in another SK, being directed hither and thither by Flyco with threats of dire retribution if I went too close and tipped it over :rolleyes:

Eventually a ship's diver floated alongside the ditched machine with a set of bolt croppers from our (my!!) survival kit. Needless to say, when the sonar cable was cut through they had taken on so much water that a S/E take off was out of the question, so after hours they eventually shut down, only to turn turtle in the gentlest of swells :eek:

The day only got better, as Ark came alongside to attempt to lift 051 with a crane. The ship's divers wrapped the lifting strop around the main rotor mast, effectively wrecking all the pitch links, etc, and demolishing a blade as it was rolled upright. The weight of water put the crane constantly in the red, so a diver punched holes in the fuselage to let the water out. By now it was nearly midday, and tempers were fraying slightly. As the cab eventually came out of the water, a smoke float in the cabin went off, which led some fishead to turn the fire hose on the fuselage, complete with foam. Quite ineffective, but so what!!

The final fun was when the black hand gang got into the cabin after recovery, to start salvaging the black boxes. A fresh water tank was set up to flush the boxes after removal, and prior to spraying with WD40. One P.O. gave a (very expensive) box to an AB, with the words "go and dunk this". Said AB was back in 30 seconds, which led the PO to query why he had been so quick. "Well, it only takes 10 seconds to walk to the deck edge and dump it in the ocean....." := :=

Also, the signal from Fleetlands not to cut any wiring looms arrived about 1 hour too late to save the main loom... but the machine was totally rebuilt, and flew for many a year after. Probably still flying now?

Gainsey, the ship destruction was off Perth W.A., courtesy of a sub launched torpedo. We provided the Wescam for the filming, from 5 nm away.


No problems. ;)

23rd Jul 2003, 21:47
John, seeing the pic of the "O" RFA taking it large reminded me of a deck-trial I did in Apr`74 on it`s sister "Olmeda" in the Channel for a new garage at the back. SP (Army) at AAEE,organises trial, no fishead TP`s around, Navy want trial yesterday,as ever!, so I(crab) take newly qualified antipodean TP (K Engelsman) to do the trial.Navy not happy!
First run is ,of course, to Ushant to open the DF` and then 40 + landings (d/n) over the next few days, all at aft Cof G, up to max AUW .
The worst bit was at meal -times on the ship we had to change out of immo. suits, down five decks, fwd to the galley,scoff, back aft , up five ,change etc ,etc!! Still, nice cabins on RFA`s, and the trial was successful,no broken a/c, no broken ship, and a clearance for the garage!! Navy now happier!


John Eacott
24th Jul 2003, 05:54

Ah, Mr Englesman ;) Last seen TP'ing for CASA, all round good egg. Did a "navex" of 4 x 12E's to Nuremburg and back led by Keith. Around the time he put on his shabbiest dirty raincoat, wandered unshaven into Rover's showroom in Regent Street (or thereabouts) and annoyed the heck out of a Sloane Ranger salesman by kicking tyres and asking generally annoying questions.

About to be asked to leave, Keith asked is they had a 2000TC in blue. When told yes, he said he'd take it, and pulled out the appropriate sum of money in cash from the raincoat pockets :cool:

RFA detachments were generally Good News, with decent food, decent cabins, and a swimming pool ;)

25th Jul 2003, 03:22
John and others: your website gallery is the source of discussion on the Flypast forum. You may like to pop across to read the thread: