View Full Version : BBMF Lanc Ground Loop

18th Jul 2003, 07:38
Someone told me today that the BBMF Lanc had come off the runway and ground-looped while landing at its temporary home earlier this week. Is it Ok?

18th Jul 2003, 19:06
Nothing on a couple of other historic forums so far... hoepfully if it happened then there was no serious damage.

I thought she was supposed to have been at Flying Legends on Saturday, but the Spitfire and Hurricane came on their own... Dunno about Sunday.


18th Jul 2003, 23:44
Treadders, BBMF website says she was due to head north to East Fortune from Barkston last Saturday.

19th Jul 2003, 02:16
The BBMF Lanc ground-looped at Mildenhall in the late eighties, or very early ninties, I caught it on video.

On that occasion there was very little damage and I was later told that the lanc has Lincoln undercarriage which was designed for a heavier aircraft and is therefore stronger.

19th Jul 2003, 06:16
Saw all three over my parents gaff in N. Yorks Sat lunch / early afternoon. Heading north....

19th Jul 2003, 06:58
Good news. Apparently PA474 is now at Fairford for RIAT, so it appears that there was little damage done if any.