View Full Version : Can't climb due "operational reasons"?

29th Jul 2001, 23:37
Can anyone help explain this to me please?

I was controlling an "Elite" (CMM) Airbus A310 en-route LFPG to CYMX. The climb is going well and as the a/c approaches FL260 I ask what is his requested level. "FL310" he says, to which I reply that I'll let him know.

After a bit of Co-ordination it transpires that FL310 isn't available (RVSM ODL) but FL320 is. On offering this to the A310 he says that he can't accept FL320 "due operational reasons". Okay, I say, assuming that he's a bit heavy on fuel at the moment, "When can you accept FL320?". " We CAN'T," he says, "Due Operational reasons".

Question is this: Any guesses at to the "operational reasons?" Would an extra 1000ft up on an A310, from FL310 to 320 make THAT much difference? And if so why?

I'm just curious. Oh, after a bit of "negotiation" I manged to get FL310 for him.

Rgds BEX

29th Jul 2001, 23:51
At a guess I would say aircraft operating on a single air conditioning system. That's the flight restriction on most of the buses for that defect. :rolleyes:

30th Jul 2001, 00:03

Thanks for that, I appreciate it. Like everybody else around here I'm still learning something new every day, even after xx years!

Cheers BEX

2nd Aug 2001, 01:50
Could it be that the aircraft had some minor defect causing it to become temporarily RVSM non-compliant?

Carnage Matey!
2nd Aug 2001, 02:16
Nah, most likely to be the packs or engine bleed failure. Vaguely remember being limited to FL310 recently on a 320 so perhaps its a standard across the full range.

2nd Aug 2001, 02:17
Doesn't RVSM start at FL290. :eek: :eek: