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8th Jul 2003, 05:30
Has anyone got copies of old UK ICAO 4-letter designators for the UK?
Would be interested to receive any scanned info from 50's to 70's.

Currently looking for the EG.. for Catterick.

Many thanks in advance

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8th Jul 2003, 06:07
Should someone come across old ICAO IDs I am interested what the airport IDs of former East Germany (DDR) were.

7 7 7 7

9th Jul 2003, 05:21
East Germany used the series ET--
I remember the code that was used up to the middle fifties
UK = GA--
Heathrow was GALA Southend GAHC Jersey GAJY
Holland PA-- Amsterdam PAAM Rotterdam PARD
Belgium ON-- Brussels ONBR Ostend ONOS
France FF-- Calais was FFMK Le Touquet FFLT

worked at EGMC then and these were the most commonly used for Channel airways and Channel Air Bridge flight plans
I cant remember many others, anybody else remember???


vintage ATCO
9th Jul 2003, 05:45
I probably have got an old book (well, 70s) in the loft, but where . . . . :confused:

I don't remember the pre EG-- series but can remember that Luton use to be EGLN, Elstree EGLE and Duxford EGVD (true!) Sorry, don't remember one for Catterick.