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6th Jul 2003, 09:57
I am about to build a flying model Chipmunk.Our club already has one in the R.A.F. colours and to be different I would like to build one in the R.N. colours. I remember them as being overall silver with orange wing tips and nose and maybe a band around the fuselage between the wing and tailplane. Could anyone help me with a link to a picture or an accurate descripton?

6th Jul 2003, 10:09

Have a look at this link of some ata I got of the RN Chipmunk based at Omaka, Blenheim in New Zealand.



Spot 4
6th Jul 2003, 13:27
Pale grey fuselage / white cockpit framing / white rudder / red nose and fin. Wings red and pale grey. Large fleet number om engine cowling. Red elevater on a grey tailplane. No nationallity markings on the tail. Prop spinner half black half white. Black and white striped spinner.

WP795=901 WK634=902 WB671=910 WP801=911


Census boy
7th Jul 2003, 16:04
There's a picture of one on our gliding club website.www.pngc.co.uk. (Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club) .It's currently residing at the back of the hangar undergoing C of A it's future as yet undecided as it's been usurped by the Supermunk and is possibly surplus to requirements.

9th Jul 2003, 04:09
An old notebook tells me that the NZ based Chippy (WK511) used to carry the code 905 when based with BRNC Flight at Roborough, Plymouth.

The complete list was:

WP795 901
WK634 902
WD374 903
WP856 904
WK511 905
WK608 906
WB575 907
WB657 908
WP904 909
WB671 910
WP801 911
WP809 912

As I recall only half a dozen or so were kept at Robrough with the rest in store at Kemble. Every so often they would be rotated to keep the hours fairly similar.

How do I know this trivia? Spent HOURS watching them (and the Tiger Moth predecessors) wandering around the circuit, wishing I could fly one... (and eventually I DID!)

Rgds BEX

13th Jul 2003, 17:36
Many thanks for the info folks. That should be just what I need.

Bex - if you spent that much time watching them, then we may have met, because I did as well:)

15th Jul 2003, 21:58
Two Navy Chippies are still in the Royal Navy; WK608/906 and WB657/908, both based at RNAS Yeovilton with the Royal Navy Historic Flight at Yeovilton. WK608 is I believe active whilst 657 is in storage. Most of the other Chippies mentioned were based at RNAS Yeovilton at one time or other.

WK511 was formerly based at Cranfield, and it's really nice to see a photograph of it over in New Zealand.



Toddington Ted
16th Jul 2003, 04:33
Having seen the wonderful photo in this thread, my flying days (alas not military aircrew for long!) were recalled and I had to fish out (no pun intended!) my log book. Chipmunk WP795, on 21 Nov 78, was my first taste of RN flying training, followed by WK608, but WP795 seemed to be the most popular as it appears several times. I was fortunate to "go solo" in WB671 on 4 Dec 78 and the others I was fortunate enough to fly were WP856, WP801 and WD374. Happy days, even though it was bloomin' cold then. The next entry was Bulldog XX516 but that's another story. Nice to see the Chippy is still around. I would love one but its good to see them flying anyway! :ok:

16th Jul 2003, 05:45
WP795/901 is still in the UK under private ownership with the Portsmouth gliding club. Other RN Chippies now privately owned in the UK include WP856/904 and WP809, the latter is not now coded 912 but 78 I believe.
WB671/910 is kept in the Netherlands, the rest are most likely now living overseas.

Hope this of interest.


John Eacott
19th Jul 2003, 13:17
I can't find any photos of the Dartmouth aircraft (at least, in colour) but this was one of the Chippies that we used at Linton on Ouse for the BFT. IIRC, the colours were identical for the RN BRNC Flight, so I'd be a bit sus of those shown in the photo of 511.

BEX, thanks for the list of numbers, are/were you organised enough to keep them for 705 as well? I've got some halfway decent pics of 12E's and a Whirlwind........


I'd forgotten the joys of flying in Yorkshire in midwinter :rolleyes:


21st Jul 2003, 04:05
Sorry can't help you with 705's mounts. By the time that I had traded my push bike for one with a an engine (and hence was able to visit deepest Cornwall.... or Culdrose) 705 were operating the Gazelle.

I have got some nice piccies of 750's Sea Princes though, incl six of them in formation.

Some of my "compatriots" at Roborough were... Ron Barker, Martin Degg, Pete Hawke, Rod Webb, Derek Boyce (saw him at Kemble last week) and Kevin Hemsil (+ all the Brymon People I knew and worked with)

Best rgsd BEX

23rd Jul 2003, 22:01
Chippie WK608/906 took part in the flypast over Plymouth sound earlier today as the Queen presented a new colour to the Royal Navy.
It looked good.