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29th Aug 2001, 00:51
Hi all,can't seem able to find anywhere what they mean by "initial turns" on an SID.Usually there is a speed restriction of 210 kts for initial turns but the first turn in some SIDs are 15NM or more from lift off.Does anyone has a clear definition of that? Thank you.

30th Aug 2001, 21:19
If by any chance anyone has the answer to the question above,maybe he/she can confirm that when "bank angle 15" is depicted on the sid chart this is minimum even though not stated clearly. Thank's

31st Aug 2001, 02:23
- No turns greater than 15 deg. track change below 295 ft obst. clearance OR 394 ft AAL

- Scheduled bank angles are minimum bank angles, as is IAS limit maximum limit

...I think :D...