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24th Jul 2001, 02:26
Top of your head...

I'm trying to find the relationship between bank, airspeed and rate of turn.

If the bank for 3degrees per second is 10% of airspeed + 7 (knots) (roughly)...

I am looking for the relation to Rate of Turn..

Rate of turn (in degrees per second)=

what are k1 & k2... I suspect a trig function in k2

If anyone has a link or any other information that would be great.



24th Jul 2001, 11:21
Just off the top of my head :)

(Actually I copied this from a book I wrote on formation flyoing a while ago.)

Turn theory shows in steady, turning flight, the horizontal component of lift must equal the centrifugal force. This fact allows the development of the following formulae. The radius of a turning aircraft is given by:
r = Vē
3.78 g tan *

and the rate of turn is determined by:

ROT = 111 g tan *

(Where: r = turn radius in meters, V = velocity in knots (TAS), * = bank angle in degrees, ROT = rate of turn (degrees per second), g is the acceleration due gravity (9.8 m/sē) and the constants are included so that V is expressed in knots rather than m/s.