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1st Jul 2003, 14:49
Researching the loss of a 181 Squadron Typhoon 1b, shot down by Flack on the 20th,April,1945. Thus far I have been unable to locate the aircraft's individual letter. Squadron code at the time was EL and the aircraft's number was RB233. The squadron was part of 124 Wing, and was possibly operating out of either Enschede (B 106) or Rheine (b12) . Any Typhoon experts out there?

1st Jul 2003, 15:00
Can't help you Sabredog, but suggest you also try the Warbird Information Exchange (http://www.warbirdsresourcegroup.org/vafrefugees/wix6msgboard.mv) website, wherein can be found lots of experts!



1st Jul 2003, 16:44
Thank you,Treadigraph,
I shall I try the aforementioned website.
My thanks once again for your prompt reply.

1st Jul 2003, 17:08


Have you spoken to Criss Tomas our former colleague ?
One time Head of Training at the Palace of Dreams, aka Swanwick.
Seem to remember he was an expert on Typhoons.


2nd Jul 2003, 16:58
Just ploughed through CT's book (he conned all of us on B watch to buy one) and for the 20 April 1945 there is :-

181 Sqdn. RB233 W/O B.J.Calnan (POW) bailed out after being shot down by flak.

Trust that helps.


2nd Jul 2003, 21:15
Many thanks for the info. regarding RB233. It is more than likely that the aircraft rotated between 143 Wing. of which 440 Sqdn. was part, and 124 Wing ( 181 Sdqn ). I shall contact the AHB and Hendon as you suggest.
I was unable to access the website link you provided, but the RCAF site looks interesting.
Thank you,

Thank you for your post regarding the 181 Sqdn Typhoon.
I am actually trying to ascertain the individual letter for RB233, so the hunt continues!
We must have been at LATCC at around the same time.
I was on "D" Watch, South Bank radar.
I am happy to say that I have a number of Chris Thomas's publications on my bookshelves, and rather good they are too!
Unfortunately, I have mislaid Chris's e-mail address and telephone number, so I am unable to contact the " Fount of all knowledge" regarding Typhoons and Tempests.
Best Regards,
sabrethomas. (Terry)

3rd Jul 2003, 00:54

I'm afraid you are 14 months too late, my drinking pal and hero from 181 Sqn Pete Tickner could have answered that one for you but sadly passed away in May 2002, ( see page 154 of Chris Thomas excellent book) he always flew EL-Q but he had five of them!

He loved the Typhoon and was a genuine tough guy of his era , I took him for his last flight around the Isle of Wight 4 weeks before he died, he hadn't forgotten how to fly!

Regarding your search, I recommend you go up to the Public Record Office in Kew and dig out the 181 Sqn operations record book which is available for viewing on micro film , I know it's there because I copied out the 181 Sqn D-Day entries for Pete Tickner a couple of years ago. The PRO staff are superb and could help you find it very quickly.

Kind regards


3rd Jul 2003, 16:49
Sabredog, check you private mail.

Funny I used to fly Sabres (a long time ago!!!!!!!!!!)

4th Jul 2003, 14:52
Thank you for your info regarding Peter Tickner. I shall endeavour to visit the PRO this month sometime.