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Pete the Pilot
21st Jul 2001, 18:40
Is there anywhere that I can get my hands on a 737 Expanded checklist, i.e. an explanation of each checklist and the ramifications that go along with them?

I've seen those cockpit study guides for sale but they don't seem to be what I am looking for.

Any ideas?

21st Jul 2001, 20:39
You could try the following company


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22nd Jul 2001, 00:17
Try here (http://www.b737.org.uk/)

Pete the Pilot
22nd Jul 2001, 21:48
the 737 Technical site is pretty good, but doesn't have any expanded checklists....

Flaps are nice but I prefer big juicy engines.

23rd Jul 2001, 04:14

You haven't lived mate !!!!!!!!!

23rd Jul 2001, 09:48
If you have any friends flying the 737 you can ask to have a look at their Boeing 737 Operations Manual Volume 1.
There it has detailed explanations in the normal procedures section. Not exactly going specifically by checklist, but similar to what you may want to know.

Pete the Pilot
23rd Jul 2001, 19:17
I not after normal procedures, but thanks anyway.

I believe in the old days there used to be another book as well as the ones we have today, where is it now?

Yeah I'll have to try big, enormous flaps hopefully with big thrumming engines as well.

Bobby Johnson
23rd Jul 2001, 20:01
I can help you email me.
Which 737 do you want?

Pete the Pilot
24th Jul 2001, 17:30
Thanks for that I'll be in touch soon.......