View Full Version : Northwest Engine Out on take-off from Boston

25th Jun 2003, 21:43

Story (http://www.boston.com/dailynews/176/region/Jet_forced_to_return_to_Logan_:.shtml)

Well done by the crew...no one hurt unless you count the man on the ground who got a bit of jet-a in the eye...

25th Jun 2003, 22:31
''Any of the aircraft we fly can land or fly with one engine,'' he said.

Would anyone like to try that on a DC-10 with a full load?

25th Jun 2003, 23:34
Or 747!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25th Jun 2003, 23:47
Might he have actually said 'Any of the aircraft we fly can land or fly with one engine out

26th Jun 2003, 00:08
Nice news article. For once factual and not over dramatised. The journalist should be congratulated. Now if a Bristish journalist had got hold of the story................................

26th Jun 2003, 09:36
...He would have spelt british right :rolleyes:

26th Jun 2003, 10:19
Anti Ice, that was too funny.

26th Jun 2003, 10:56
In 1983 an Eastern Airlines L1011 flight from Miami to San Juan lost oil in No.2(?) engine and was shut down by the crew. Aircraft turned back to Miami when the other two engines failed, also due to complete loss of oil. Crew then restarted the first engine they shut down and managed to land successfully on a single engine. All three engines failed due to loss of oil because maintenance personnel had omitted to fit O ring seals to the master chip detectors during routine maintenance prior to the flight.