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Tonic Please
25th Jun 2003, 17:11
Hope this is the correct forum. I was speaking with the girlfriend, and she suggested about Air Traffic Control (I'm in the London area...12miles south of Heathrow). I have my pilots license, but because of the cost, I think I should make the most of my life making money, and doing a job in aviation to have a nice living, instead of 'hangin about' waiting for a pilot job. Its un-realistic doing that.

I did apply to get an information pack a few years back out of interest, knowing I was too young. What is the age? I'm 18. Of course I can read the information in the leaflet, but a little insight would be very informative for me (and anyone else).

Is anyone able to supply me the phone number to obtain an information pack/application form?

Am I wasting my time? I really do hope not.


Dan :)

25th Jun 2003, 18:45
Hi Tonic Please
For information on ATC Careers visit www.nats.co.uk. Also there are numerous posts in this forum regarding this career so have a look through or use the search and they should pop out.

If you need any more help, send me a PM and i'll get a list together.


25th Jun 2003, 20:06
Tonic Please,

I hope though you wont go into a interview and say the reason for doing ATC is because I cannot get a flying job !!

ATC is a great Career choice , the majority of us actually want to be ATCOS and are not frustrated Pilots, please whatever you do don't think of us as a poor second choice.

To become an ATCO you need a lot of dedication and must accept a lot of knocks , many don't succeed. So before thinking of it as some alternative to flying I would suggest you try a visit to an ATC unit and see if it it was you really want.
Good Luck in your career choice.

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