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19th Jul 2001, 12:08
OK? That is how it is spelt, and its meaning is: a reward or payment for services rendered (Ooer Mrs).

Renumeration is not in my Concise Oxford - sorry can't afford the Shorter - so I can only infer that it means to enumerate again, ie to respecify, to re-mention one by one, or to re-establish the number of.

My point is that to the very best of my knowledge, I have never been rementioned one by one for flying aircraft, and that when renegotiating our various terms and conditions, we should steer clear of increasing our respecification by say 10%!


19th Jul 2001, 12:41

19th Jul 2001, 13:20
Hahahaha , funny indeed !

I do think they just put it in their ads because ... the others dit it ...

Join us ! excellent remunerations !

Don't even bother to renegotiate !

without remorse ,
E. Morse