View Full Version : BAe 146 / RJ with a problem ...

21st Jun 2003, 21:23
Between 12:38 and 13:27 I saw a 146 / RJ(?) fly overhead with flaps, gear and speedbrakes deployed 6 times in less than 50 minutes. I'm 10nm SE of LGW, and it was obviously inbound to LGW.

Not sure of the airline (white fuselage, with a red fin?).

Anyone know what the problem was? Seemed to cause many others to hold too.

Faire d'income
21st Jun 2003, 22:03
Can you get permission to do training at LGW on a Sat morning?

All those systems are hydraulically powered. However if say you lose the system powering the gear you are down to a manual extension with no way to raise it again.

Possibly an air test checking the systems after a snag or major check?

22nd Jun 2003, 04:06
Meridian 146. Understand could'nt get the gear to retract after take off. Burning off fuel for about an hour to get down to ldg wt I guess. Anyone leave the gear pins in???? Or what was the problem, come on someone out there knows.

Could mean tea and coffee with the fleet manager Monday morning if U/C pins still in!!

But by the grace of God go I.


False Capture
22nd Jun 2003, 07:07
Wouldn't have thought the gear pins would be left in on the return flight to Italy. Surely this would only occur on the first flight of the day ie. out of Italy inbound to LGW.

22nd Jun 2003, 17:35
As we were taxiing out at about that time, tower told the fire services that the aircraft currently landing was of the same company as the aircraft with a problem, but not to get confused as the real one was still in the hold. Unfortuanately I forget the company name.

I suspect that if it was the gear pins, the gear would have remained down and locked - with safe indications - so you would not really need the fire services. But perhaps LGW call out the fire trucks for any event just in case?