View Full Version : Drugged & robbed

20th Jun 2003, 19:44
Recently met the third pilot I know who's been drugged & robbed in Wanchai. Probably Rohypnol (have a look in your search engine for details).
Losing a grand or two from your plastic (yes, you'll give them your PIN or sign debit slips) is probably the least of the evils which could befall.

I was going to post in FH but since we are all vulnerable to this sort of attack anywhere in the world I've placed it here.

21st Jun 2003, 01:12
We've posted about Rohypnol before on this site, some people still believe it only happens to women.........it doesn't.

Watch your drinks like a hawk, it is not a nice experience at all, the least of your worries is having money stolen. Not an expert on it myself, but I have been a victim of it as have a couple of my colleagues.

21st Jun 2003, 02:06
Unfortunately, it's been labelled as a 'date-rape' drug, so I guess that (males) aren't going to be too aware of it in general. I believe it's quite a popular recreational drug - sounds like fun, but anything where you lose all memory of the night out, well where's the fun in that? Having said that, there's been a few nights where that is the case without the aid of rohypnol!;)

A friend of mine took one of these on a boat trip once. He said that he vaguely remembers feeling quite good and very pissed, then the next thing he remembered was waking up the following day feeling quite confused. Clearly very useful if you want to rob someone or otherwise take advantage. Look out for each other is the best advice I think.