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12th Jul 2001, 23:01
Had a chet the other with a bloke who claimed that the Diameter of the 777 GE90 engines,is the same as the diameter of the 737 fuselage.....

I find that hard to believe-does anyone one have any specs on these aircraft?



gas path
13th Jul 2001, 00:44
Depends on which engine.....
But the GE90 inlet cowl diameter is 153.74 ins. (3.905 mtrs).
The nacelle maximum diameter at it's widest point is 164.48 ins (4.178 mtrs).
methinks it just about pips the 737 :eek:

13th Jul 2001, 03:37
The other amusing fact about the 777 is that the 737's wingspan is nigh on the same as the width of the horizontal part of the tailplane on the 777. :eek:

13th Jul 2001, 08:38
i read back issues of 'aircraft illustrated' and there is a picture a 737 from the world's favourite towed nose to a 777 inlet cowl.

13th Jul 2001, 10:11
Thanx guys...that is totaly mindboglling....


Tom the Tenor
13th Jul 2001, 13:09
I remember at Heathrow in January whilst on line up for take off looking at a United 777 just drawing up to the holding point in the wet and the 777's big powerful engines sucking up the moisture of the damp air. Looked really impressive.

Crash & Burn
17th Jul 2001, 13:59
Here is a photo taken when BA received its first 777:


Dave Incognito
17th Jul 2001, 15:00
I'd heard the same thing on a 777 promo video once, but that photo really puts it into perspective. Cheers Crash & Burn.

The same video also stated that the 777 fuel load was equal to the MTOW of a 727. Crazy stuff indeed. :eek:

17th Jul 2001, 18:38
if memory serves correct, b777 non-stop hkg-ewr (16 hrs+) carry 230,000 lbs jet a1. :rolleyes:

18th Jul 2001, 08:35
anyone else watched the documentry series on telly
21 century jet about the development of the 777? :)

19th Jul 2001, 03:55
Yes... 21st Century Jet was brilliant.
There's also a book by the same title.
I never saw all the programmes, but it is available in the US from PBS Video as a set of several videos. Quite expensive though. Wish it would come out on DVD.