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18th Jun 2003, 22:09
Got notification today that the BA hold pool is to be dissolved. Having been in the pool for two years now it has come as a big disappointment. Anyone else in the same position? I'm told that the ex hold pool members will get priority when they recruit again but no idea when that might be. It seems a waste of money to make us go through the whole process again. Any idea how many were in it ?

19th Jun 2003, 01:58
I spoke to BA in May and was told that they would be unlikely to re start DEP recruitment before the end of this year. Which I suppose if you look at it another way is that there is a fair chance that they will indeed recruiting by the end of the year. Judging by the number of people who have retired and who will continue to retire from BA since they stopped recruiting in late 2001 they must already be getting short of crew.

So be patient I guess.

19th Jun 2003, 03:35
But BA have also 'given' away 140 mainline pilot jobs to BA Citiexpress! (How generous!)

So even with the prolific retirement rate, it may take a while to catch up with the 'shrinkage'! (FS & S and all that!)

FWIW I believe some people actually working for BA may have to take fully paid 'gardening' leave as they await courses!

Also, BALPA apparently have a fairly negative view of the new pension arrangements, and may be awaiting the next recruit as a 'test' case!

Are you getting the picture yet?

I would suggest you find someone better to work for, particularly if you are the wrong side of 30!

19th Jun 2003, 16:44
i to got the info of the hold pool being disolved. i have a good job in a national flag carrier but have always wanted to fly for BA. and to have passed an interview process then be told to go through it again seems a little senseless to say the least as we will go through the same tasks again. i would have waited for as long as it took to then decide what to do and as camerashy says, they invested money in the first place and to throw that away and go through it again seems stupid.

20th Jun 2003, 03:56
Management eh ! :(

20th Jun 2003, 06:58
Sorry to hear it. But Tandemrotor's advice is sound.

I floated in the pool myself, but was 'fished out'

It would be more accurate to say that the pool has now evaporated (or been drained). It is everyone's hopes that have been dissolved I'm afraid.

Good luck to all involved.

21st Jun 2003, 06:30
I too have just got the letter saying my 2 years in the pool has expired, but to be honest i am not that bothered. As an F/O with Britain"s flag carrier getting close to a command after 6 years, i say "sod them" I only wanted to join for 2 reasons ie... quick on the command on the 737 @ LGW and the pension, both of which have long since gone.
My memories of the selection are such that i would not be applying again, with the exception of the sim ride with a Concorde gentleman who was a delight to fly with, and was a big giggle. He even paid for my big fry-up in the staff canteen at 7 in the morning. If we meet again TB the beers are on me!!
All in all, unless you are under 30 it does not look that attractive any more, but will continue to drink and be merry with the top guys and gals i bump into in NRT, HKG, JNB etc!!.
Right, back to my large glass of St. Emillion. :D