View Full Version : Busy afternoon at EGPK?

18th Jun 2003, 00:49
what was going on at Prestwick today - PM.

a/c with tyre problem (ryanair flight)???

also had 747 at low alt round the countryside appearing to ditch fuel.

any one got any info? related?

flange lubricator
18th Jun 2003, 04:04
I saw a 737 on the runway with fire trucks in attendance at today at around 1545. There was also an Electra doing circuits a bit earlier...

Mach 1
18th Jun 2003, 05:05
We just landed ahead of this.

Ryanair 737-200 was inbound at 1530Z and aware of a deflated tyre on the port main gear. Executed a good landing on R31 and stopped on the runway abeam Link M for fire service to inspect.

Pax disembarked on the runway and bussed to terminal. A/c was towed off after 20mins. After a thorough runway inspection normal service was resumed.

No drama:rolleyes:

No idea about the 747.

Mach 1

Davey Clark
18th Jun 2003, 23:16
Police closed off A78 as a precautionary measure in case of overun. Road traffic all diverted away from EGPK.

Don't know about the B747, but could be one of the GPWS tests again??


Wings level, ball in the puddle!

19th Jun 2003, 00:08
RYR064 just departed PIK for Beauvais reports tyre problem dumps fuel for 20+ mins then returns to PIK.Only 747 was a Cargolux who was stuck on the ground as the runway was closed for about 15 mins.Don`t know how badly the a/c is damaged if at all but it has not flown today and just to confirm it`s a 200 series EICJG

Engine overtemp
19th Jun 2003, 01:47
B737-200 dumping fuel? Where do these ideas come from?

19th Jun 2003, 04:53
A few points of fact:-

It was a starboard wheel.

The Police closed the A79. An overrun to threaten the A78 would need to be a good few miles and require the aircraft to turn to the right once on the ground.

There were no 747 activities consistent with the rumour.