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Hingeless Rotor
16th Jun 2003, 14:56
I have just completed a job uplifting a P38 in Papua New Guinea for future restoration. Whilst on the job we followed a lead on another P38 hidden in dense jungle, this lead turned out to be a B24 that as yet is undocumented. The serial number as read from the fin is 240348.

I am after any info or history on this aircraft.

Further to the discovery was the recolection of the village elder that at least 9 bodies were pulled from the wreck shortly after the crash only to be left on the track beside the aircraft for fear of the approaching Japanese.

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


PPRuNe Pop
16th Jun 2003, 15:22
This is a site dedicated to the B24 and those machines operating in SEAC. There is much to suggest that a few inquiries might come up with something.


16th Jun 2003, 19:01
Try "www. pacificwrecks.com" website, as they`d like the info,etc.

17th Jun 2003, 07:09
Consolidated B-24D-53-CO Liberator

42-40348 "Twin Niftys" (90th BG) lost Aug 17, 1943


Photocopyright 90th Bomb Group.org

Have you let CILHI know yet?


....any piccies of the recovery , and which P-38 was it?



18th Jun 2003, 07:29
As regards above, ignore

Rob's filled me in on the details :ok:

18th Jun 2003, 20:21
Where in PNG did you locate the P38 and was it undocumented?

I recall a number of P38's in PNG, the best known one being in Waigani Swamp (and almost complete in the early '60's, but I think that wreck is now in the air museum in Port Morbid.