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Airbus Girl
14th Jun 2003, 16:36
From yesterday's Manchester Evening News:

Pilots' holiday strike threat

John Scheerhout

HOLIDAYMAKERS face a summer of flight chaos if more than 300 pilots at Manchester-based Air 2000 vote for industrial action.

Airline bosses at Manchester Airport were due to hold crunch talks with union officials today in a bid to head off a planned ballot over pay next week.

But Air 2000 has indicated it will not increase the pay offer on the table, thought to be 2.9 per cent.

Some of the firm's 366 pilots, who earn between £36,000 and £52,000 a year, have said they felt let down after forgoing a three-per cent pay rise to help the firm when it was struggling after September 11.

They have asked for 7.5 per cent to restore their wages to the levels they were before, with a willingness to negotiate. But the gap between the two sides remains so wide that many pilots believe the dispute may end in strike action.


It could mean delays or cancellations for holidaymakers who have booked their breaks through First Choice, which owns the airline.

Other tour operators that have chartered the airline could also be affected.

Air 2000 has also entered the budget flights market, offering one-way fares from Manchester to Alicante, Malaga and Faro from £29, and they could also be affected by a strike.

One pilot, who declined to be named, said: "There has always been a willingness by the pilots to help the company through difficult times, which we did when we did not take up the second part of a two-year pay deal worth around three per cent.

"We've worked hard and we feel like we've been kicked in the teeth. There's a very good chance it will go to industrial action. But what form that will take is yet to be decided. It may be a work to rule, or it may be a withdrawal of co-operation.


"On the other hand, it may well go to strike action. First Choice is one of the biggest tour operators in the country and a strike would have a massive impact on them."

John Murphy, Air 2000's director of flight operations, confirmed that the pilots' union, BALPA, had paved the way for a ballot on industrial action.

"There will be further negotiations today," he said. "I think there is a long way to go before there is a ballot and I don't believe there will be one - and I don't think there will be any action that will disrupt the passengers."

However, before Mr Murphy went into today's talks, he admitted the offer would "not necessarily" be increased.

First Choice has reported a massive increase in bookings since the end of the war in Iraq. It also revealed financial results this week showing that losses had shrunk by 11 per cent to £44.1 million last year.

14th Jun 2003, 16:48
So do we assume that most of the Skippers, who earn substancially more than £52,000 p.a. aren't going to strike ;)

Colonel Klink
14th Jun 2003, 18:39
This was exactly the reason the Australian Pilots dipute of 1989 took place. The Ansett and Australian Airlines pilots made wage concessions to steer the airlines through the bad times, then a few years later when it was time to get things back on track, the management didn't want to know! Sometimes it seems pilots can't win: if you don't help, you lose your job, if you do help, you lose your shirt!
No wonder most of us are bitter and twisted! Goodluck Air 2-bob pilots; if you stand up for what you deserve, you may well get it!

15th Jun 2003, 00:14
Chances of strike action at A2K - NIL.

15th Jun 2003, 00:45
another non-story by an eager journalist fuelled by someone with a big mouth!

We are in pay negotiations and we have not been balloted on industrial action. Fact.

Strike? I think not.

If it really was a pilot who provided the quote, then I hope he or she is outed and then dismissed.

Peter McCambridge

Jack The Lad
15th Jun 2003, 03:21
I don't believe it. I'm sure it's not true. If it is, so help me ....

If it is, whoever is advising the troops is seriously misled.

There is a shortage of qualified pilots at this very moment in time, however most of those in 'the know' in the Uk understand that there WILL probably be at least ONE FAILURE in the UK market when the winter season starts. Too many seat providers chasing even fewer seat bookings. If these guys go on strike and damage their own 'income provider' that much, then maybe they will be the ones to go.

Any group of pilots considering such action, at the current time, in Europe, for sure, would be seriously advised to check their sanity.

You only have to look at Cathay to see the answers.

Don't be too eager to fall on your swords; you may not live to regret it!

15th Jun 2003, 05:45
On the other hand, if they do 'strike', then management will have the chance to replace 'em with folks that actually want to work.

Or...hello, calling Air Atlanta.:ooh: :E

15th Jun 2003, 06:08
Waste of effort to call Atlanta, short of crews now.
Some with other jobs in pipeline, summer season will be massive O/T till more pilots arrive, if they can be found.
Good timing to strike

15th Jun 2003, 07:45
...or, fold the company.

The idea of gimmie more, more from pilots will backfire.
Will company owners/shareholders/management put up with incesent salary demands?

Not likely.

15th Jun 2003, 13:31
There is no chance whatsoever of a strike by Air 2000 pilots. The union has minority support; the pilots have one of the best contracts in the business. This is a deliberate attempt by the union, BALPA, and its militant supporters, Airbus Girl, to damage the company, they know they will be humiliated if they try for industrial action and so does the company. We are all aware of how easy it is to shoot oneself in the foot in this day and age.

15th Jun 2003, 17:47
Like most Air2000 pilots, I believe that the pilots' pay claim has more merit than the company's pay offer. But the negotiations are still going on and, as has been pointed out, a strike is neither proposed or likely.

However, it is disgraceful that a company pilot should blab to the press, and even more disgraceful that another (or possibly the same) company pilot, Airbus Girl, should further air our laundry by starting this thread.

Airbus Girl, we all make mistakes when we're feeling a little hot headed, and I think you owe the AMM pilot community an apology for your actions.

(edited because I can't spell pilot!)

15th Jun 2003, 18:45
A little hard on Airbus Girl, I feel. This newspaper article is in the public domain.

411A, different laws in the UK to the USA - you can't be sacked for going on strike.

I wouldn't call our contract the best in the business, missive, but even if it was the company has proposed new contracts which are much less attractive. And regarding BALPA support, union recognition was awarded as a result of a ballot of all Air 2000 pilots, members and non members. Many pilots are happy for BALPA to represent them without forking out their 1% a month. Where do you get your information from?

A CC member has told me that the company wants to go to arbitration on their original offer of 2.6% from the 1st April. There's a sign of a caring sharing company. The directors enjoyed a 40% bonus this year, following a 40% pay rise last year.

What is the point in working for a company which is enjoying the most successful year in its history, if this success is not shared by the employees?

16th Jun 2003, 01:12
Doubt you will see a large player fold this year! Been hearing that one now for two years!

No point in a strike at the moment there are enough pressures on companies at the moment! But this is also not a time to allow airlines to take advantage! As for Air 2000 having the best contract around not sure that is true! Think Mon´ and Brit´s have better deals.;)

Alberts Growbag
16th Jun 2003, 05:21
No one in the company expects a strike. The ballot would be for industrial action.

There is an awful lot we can do when we come to work that will p**s off the management if we do it to the letter. On time performance goes overnight! That's assuming we're not sick of course.

This company have been taking us for a ride for years, now it's time for the management to climb aboard for theirs.


16th Jun 2003, 13:21
The Air 2000 contract is as good as any. As a member of the CC Pom you should be able to give us facts not the usual half truth and smears. This topic though should be restricted to the company site, typical of our CC to shift it to the public forum.

16th Jun 2003, 18:05
52k a year for a Skipper!

If you don't strike over that what are you guys going to strike for? Surely that can't be correct, who would fly for A2k for that money?

16th Jun 2003, 18:17
Probably the Jet Skippers with our lot.
Our basic is Approx £46K.
The deal with us that is on the table at the moment is 5% for Jet and 10.9% for Turbo Prop !! Scary.

16th Jun 2003, 18:57
Air 2000 pay scales:

Captain basic £61603, top £85793

First Officer basic £40385, top £52890

£2.40/hr duty pay

16th Jun 2003, 19:06
+ 15% pension contribution, PHI at 75%, 80K loss of licence, private health, discounted holidays, share options and bonus, licence and medical expenses.

16th Jun 2003, 19:38
err, you can't be sacked for going on strike in the UK, BUT, you can be sacked for breach of contract.

Does it A2K contract include a 'dont talk to the press' clause ?

Airbus Girl
16th Jun 2003, 22:18
I'd just like to mention that I am not on the cc, have never been on the cc, and have not been anywhere near Manchester for a good few weeks.
I didn't write the article, I know no-one at the Manchester Evening Post and I didn't provide any quotes for use in the article.
I believe this is a Rumour and News forum, particularly for professional pilots, and it seemed that this article was kind of relevant to that.
I am sure missive will now get personal and attempt to tell me that I am lying, but there you go.
91% of the pilots who voted in the pay ballot voted against the 2.9% offered by the company.
The new Scheduling Agreement is thought to be worse than the old one, and was only narrowly voted in by the pilots.
I don't believe ours is the best contract in the business but it is not one of the worst either.

17th Jun 2003, 06:26
Attn: low humour alert light on,

Isn't it against the law for RAF reserve squadrons to strike?:D :ok::cool: