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R for Robert
28th Mar 2002, 02:13
Speaking with a retired RAF VC10 flight engineer the other day, he stated that it was possible to cruise the VC10 at M.94. I think the standard was .84/.86.. .. .Can any of you guys out there confirm this although I've no reason not to believe it.. .. .Thanks. .R4R

28th Mar 2002, 02:19
In actual fact Mmo was beyond Mach 1. The aircraft is actually overpowered, and with that slender wing the structural limit is the Mmo. The throttles were wirelocked to 98% at the fuel control units to avoid exceeding Mmo, but even so it is possible to attain Mach 1.2 in level flight ;-)

Notso Fantastic
28th Mar 2002, 02:47
On my BOAC type training, we took a VC10 to either .91 or .93, I think it was the higher. It had no trouble getting there in level flight, but I do remember high speed buffet was occuring.

Carnage Matey!
28th Mar 2002, 03:03
Was once told a story during training by an old BOAC Captain about trying to outrun the fuzzie-wuzzies over Sudan and doing 0.94 in a VC10. Said there was a shock wave starting to develop over the nose!

1st Apr 2002, 19:49
Mmo above M1.0......1.2? Me thinks a slight ah.....exaggeration...perhaps been at the red too long?:rolleyes:

1st Apr 2002, 20:05
In the past I've cruised across the Pond at M.88 indicated, but such things are no longer permitted. Cruising for optimum payload availability is the holy grail nowadays - and Mno is .866 indicated.

I'm authorised to take the old ladies briefly up to over .9 IMN on air tests, but I recover long before Mne of .94 IMN is reached - and they certainly won't do that in level flight! As for M1.2....err, no. Not possible!

1st Apr 2002, 23:43
Hope this one comes out.

Did a test flight in a 747-300 the other day, and took this snap -


No, that wasn't from mach buffet, the blasted camera just wouldn't focus properly. ;)

brit bus driver
20th Apr 2002, 04:02
Be surprised if the wings didn't fall off the old gal these days....

Dan Winterland
20th Apr 2002, 17:33
A BCal VC10 dropped a boom after being upset by some turbulence over the Andes once. All that happened was a panel dropped off.

22nd Apr 2002, 17:04
The DC-8 was used for high speed research and during one test, it achieved M1.04 during a high speed dive. It was a -50 I believe. According to the book I read, there was very little buffet, no A/C damage.