View Full Version : B737 Classic course selector

Ivan Urge
26th Mar 2002, 08:07
If you think you an expert on the machine, read on.. .. .Established on a LLZ course, you then turn the course selector clockwise, the aircraft will turn right and vice versa. Why? The CDI shouldn't and doesn't move. Now do it close in at say 4 miles. Nothing happens. Why?

26th Mar 2002, 23:28
Hi Ivan,. .Its been awaile since I worked on the Baby Boeing, but as I remember it, above 2500 feet with LLZ captured the FCCs take the course selector into account to allow for high angle of approach to the LLZ, below and therefor closer to the threshhold the FCCs disregards the course selector to prevent mistakes.. .Brgds. .Doc