View Full Version : A320 Ground Reversing?

1st Jun 2001, 19:59
To the Chaps who fly this beaut.

Is it approved for reversing away from the bridge on the ground, as in when the tug is broken perhaps?

I would think that the FOD considerations were too great to risk such activity.


1st Jun 2001, 20:04
Wouldn't like to see your CPs face if you accidentally press the footbrakes during this maneouvre. :-)

1st Jun 2001, 20:09
I agree, I was a passenger on this flight and it caught me by surprise.

1st Jun 2001, 21:24
Using reversers to back off the gate used to be SOP for 727s at O'Hare a few years back, I seem to remember. I'm not sure that it would work quite as well with your CFM56s so close to the ground though.

1st Jun 2001, 22:04
737-200s were approved for this. New generation aircraft/engines are not.

1st Jun 2001, 22:08
Saw a Sterling Airways Caravelle VI R do this at Manch 25 years or so ago when spotters could walk down the tops of the piers. May have sustained some FoD myself from all the dust swirling about. Impressive though.