View Full Version : Cockpit 747 vs A380

23rd Mar 2002, 07:23
Airbus claims that pilots prefer a cockpit that is in the lower deck in the 380 and right up front, since it gives the pilot a better visual for the landing. . .. . Obviously Boeing didn't overlook this factor in the design and development of the 747.. .. .What do you guys think? What do you prefer?

23rd Mar 2002, 20:51
As always there are compromises.. .. .When Boeing designed the 747 they originally had in mind freight operations so the a/c was designed with a nose door in mind to give straight through access to the deckspace.. .. .Their solution to the problem of how to get the nose out of the way was to hinge the nose to swing up. . .. .The problem with this is what to do with all the control runs & wiring looms that must go to & from the now-moved cockpit? Mount the cockpit somewhere else eg higher & further aft so that it isn't part of the movable structure.. .. .The hump provides aerodynamic benefit in its own right by contributing to the area ruling that reduces drag at high mach no. and is a convenient place to stick the cockpit as well.. .. .Quite elegant, I think.. .. .Airbus didn't easily have that option with their new(ish) transporter (the 'Beluga'?) since it is a modification of an existing design.. .. .I wonder if Airbus have freight options for the A380 that give equivalent main deck access as the B747 or the Beluga, and how they plan to solve the cockpit/big door conflict?