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7th Jun 2003, 06:28
I'm having a strange problem viewing PPRuNe.

I don't trust Internet Explorer (one virus was enough), so I use Mozilla for e-mail and browsing. Very good it is, too. Until last weekend.

Now, when I'm on PPRuNe, every few seconds it stops doing whatever it was, and displays an error panel to tell me it can't connect to view.atdmt.com

This baffles me, since I don't use or know atdmt.com or why my computer is trying to connect to it in the first place.

It makes PPRuNe a reet pain. If I try to connect to view.atdmt.com direct, using Mozilla, I get the same error panel. If I use Internet Explorer (I keep it on the machine, but don't normally allow it access through the firewall), PPRuNe works normally. I can even access view.atdmt.com with it (although the page is blank).

Can anyone shed any light on what it is, why my PC wants to access it, and why Mozilla doesn't like it?

7th Jun 2003, 06:58
If I use Internet Explorer (I keep it on the machine, but don't normally allow it access through the firewall), PPRuNe works normally.

You've found the solution to your problem yourself. I've never found a reason to stray far from IE and OE. I'm on Ver 6.0 SP1 and find they are solid.

Whichever Browser you are going to use, keep it up to date with the patches available from their Home Sites.

7th Jun 2003, 07:29
Could be OE/IE are solid now. They certainly weren't when I got attacked by something nasty through one of the many "flaws" in OE. Apparently there was a "security loophole" that hadn't been fixed yet, and some nice person in Taiwan used it to screw up my machine.

Never again! When all the reviewers agree OE is totally secure, maybe. Meantime, I'll stick with Mozilla. I update every six weeks or so, and it has thus far been totally secure on my machine. It does reject stuff - that may be what it's doing now, I don't know.

Anyone know what atdmt.com is about, and why my PC thinks it needs to view it? Or why Mozilla can't connect to it but OE can? Could it be that I've got cookies set to "ask first"?

7th Jun 2003, 08:13
I put 'view.atdmt.com' into Google and eventually it showed that it was a site where you can rent DVDs. With Mozilla do you have the same option that you get in IE6 NOT to accept Third Party cookies? Possibly there is a little bug attached to your disk that is trying to 'phone home? If you have loaded any new software lately it could have come from that, sort of a spy-file, do you use SpyBot to check your disk every so often?

Just thoughts!

Later! Just noticed a 3rd party cookie had been blocked and decided to have a look, low and behold! it was from atdmt.com and IE did a search and came up with a load of information, basically ATDMT collect as much information about your habits(!:} ) as they can, so probably a prelude to Spam etc.
Looks as though your own security system is telling you it has blocked the cookie from sending any information OUT.
In Mozilla, if you go Tools>Cookie Manager>Block cookies from this site, having gone to atdmt.com (http://www.atdmt.com/) first you can probably stop the nuisance message once you have cleaned their cookies from your HDD! (amazing what one can find out on a wet Saturday afternoon in Australia !:D ).

7th Jun 2003, 17:16
Thanks, BlueEagle! Yes, there was ATDMT in the cookies. Now gone, and the machine seems to be behaving OK.

This may be the cause for the comment I've seen elsewhere that PPRuNe is "spying on people" and reporting back to a spammer (which Danny assures us is not the case). Probably an unscrupulous advertiser snuck it in.

I hadn't looked at my cookies list for a long time, and was horrified at what had crept in there. I've turned up the filters a bit! :mad:

7th Jun 2003, 20:29
Maybe time to give IE6 another chance? I use Norton AV, fully updated and ZoneAlarm Pro as well as Internet Cleanup, within this lot, (including the options of IE6), touch wood, I don't get any spam and I manage to pass all security checks!

Best of luck.

7th Jun 2003, 21:41
I found the atdmt.txt cookie too! Three months old and scheduled to last until 2008. No chance. Gone to that big cookie jar in the sky. (Specially for you, Keef:D )

So I simply asked IE to go to www. atdmt. com and found that it was "Digital Marketing Technology". I don't remember ever experiencing any inconvenience as a result of hosting this cookie. But then Zone Alarm Pro does seem to earn its keep.

I have deliberately corrupted that url link with spaces as, every time I clicked on it, I got a notice from ZA Pro to tell me that it had blocked cookies from "atdmt". I didn't think that PPRuNers would thank me for setting them up for a cookie invasion from a Site like that.

Whilst fettling ZA Pro I disabled all banner and pop-up ads and now notice a significant increase in speed of page loading - as one would, I suppose.

Also, my ZA Pro cookie control page has a site I have never entered myself called "www.pprune.biz" and this has been assigned full cookie rights. (So also has pprune.org but then I want to allow pprune.org cookies.) So where did pprune.biz come from then, eh? Would someone from the Towers care to comment? www.pprune.biz takes you straight to PPRuNe's home page.

Naples Air Center, Inc.
8th Jun 2003, 07:50

I use Netscape 4.79 for email. Since it is so old, very few viruses are written to target it. For Browsing I use IE6 SP1 (with all the latest patches) and my Security and Privacy Settings Cranked up.

I have not had any problems with it or any comps I have sold. The settings I use will not accept Cookies, ActiveX, Java, or Certificates unless I allow it.

Take Care,

Capt. Richard J. Gentil, Pres.
Naples Air Center, Inc.
Custom Computers of Naples, Inc.

10th Jun 2003, 01:01
pprune sets an atdmt.com cookie every time you click on a different page within the pprune site

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