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21st Mar 2002, 02:42
The Aviation Daily is reporting:. .. .Ice jammed some flight controls on a Balair Boeing 767-300 flying into Zurich last April, forcing the pilots to enter a holding pattern and "jerk" the yoke to regain elevator use and land the plane, Swiss aviation authorities concluded. . .. .As they flew their approach, the pilots noticed the 767 wasn't following autopilot instructions on approach after a 10-hour flight from Cancun, an NTSB summary report on the incident said. After disconnecting the autopilot, the first officer needed an unusual amount of force to change the plane's pitch. . .. .The pilots took the plane into a holding pattern. "As the airplane departed the hold, the captain applied higher force to the control column and "with a jerk-type motion the jam was gone," the NTSB brief said. The pilots made a routine landing in Zurich. . .. .Investigators determined that rainy weather near the beginning of the trip could explain ice found on elevator components during a post-incident check. . .. .About a month before the Zurich incident, an American 767 crew reported "control difficulties" on approach to Paris and used horizontal stabilizer trim to land the plane. . .. .Investigators later determined that ice build-up caused that problem as well. . .. .Question: Why wouldn't other jets have the same problem?

21st Mar 2002, 03:38
Sorry, headline should read Elevator instead of Rudder.

21st Mar 2002, 03:57
Other airplanes do have that problem occasionally.. .. .Ice will acumulate on the inside skins of the aircraft and can impede cable runs. The longerhaul the aircraft, the more likely the problem.. .. .The A300-605R that I fly has a procedure for just such an occasion that basically says hold at a lower altitude and the problem will fix itself.... .. .Cheers. .Wino

21st Mar 2002, 04:06
CE-750 as well.

21st Mar 2002, 09:10
Had the same problem on a DC-3 back in 86:. .. .Flew from Seattle to Alaska in October and after climbing through a deep overcast we leveled off at 10,500 on top.. .The elevator trim was stuck in the "climb position". Had to apply quite some force nose down to keep level flight.. .After half an hour in the sun, the ice melted and we were able to trim for cruise speed.. .. .Would have PPRuNe'd the story back then, but Al Gore had not yet invented the internet. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" />

21st Mar 2002, 21:00
Back then you could have been with me Capt PPRUNE and PPRUNE Towers on AVSIG, which was a compuserve forum. WHere were you? we were there &lt;G&gt;..... .. .How's the 767 reserve treating you? I bet you are doin a lot of sailing and very little flying &lt;G&gt;..... .. .Wino

22nd Mar 2002, 13:42
Been there done that on a few of the Cessna turbines, still trying for the CE-750 though. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" />

PPRuNe Towers
22nd Mar 2002, 18:20
Ah! Avsig - a great forum and resource for aviators. Always a cracking reminder for us as to what young whippersnappers we are and how far we still have to go.. .. .That forum must be at least 25 years old now - all I know is that the first time I visited was through an acoustic coupler..... Perhaps some kind soul could try to describe that device to the younguns' here.

22nd Mar 2002, 18:56
Aye, I was there.. .Had compuserve for a few years and made a nuisance of myself on Avsig in 95 and 96 (I think). .. .Well Wino, no, ain't flying to much these days.. .Being displaced to LGA in May. Back to commuting and scratching myself in a flee-bag crash-pad.. .. .(Hope it changes before that)

23rd Mar 2002, 00:47
You will probably be displaced to NY and then TDY'd to Miami so you can collect continuous perdiem while you sit at home on reserve &lt;G&gt;.... .. .We will have to get together at Mcsorleys for a few beers if you are stuck in NY.... .. .Cheers. .Wino