View Full Version : More tall tales of T21/Sedberghs

astir 8
5th Jun 2003, 19:37
Sorry guys, I know we gave the T21/Sedbergh thread a good bashing last year, but I've heard a couple more stories worth airing.

a) ATC cadet, first solo, low'n slow, fails to make airfield but slots the fuselage neatly through an open gate in the chain link fence.

The gateposts neatly removed both wing struts. The wings, deprived of downforce immediately pivoted about the main pins and "clapped hands" vertically.

As the glider stopped, the wings lost lift and fell to the ground with a mighty crash. Cadet unscathed

b) ATC cadet, cable break, landed ahead into insufficient space. (rubbish spoilers on a Sedbergh!) The airfield was surrounded by Varsities or similar awaiting scrapping. The glider landed itself perfectly on the Varsity wingtip, rolled along the wing, impacted the fuselage and then slid gently off the back of the wing. Cadet unscathed, Sedbergh nearly so.

They don't make gliders like that any more! :ok:

Can anyone back up either story?