View Full Version : Whither Cosford?

Shaggy Sheep Driver
4th Jun 2003, 21:35
Anyone know why there is no Cosford Air Show this year? The helpline says they are planning one for 2004.


4th Jun 2003, 21:52
Think the official excuse was uncertainty of RAF participation given looming war back in January. Didn't make anybody else cancel their entire show though, apart from Mildenhall.

Grob Driver
4th Jun 2003, 23:09
My understanding was that they couldn’t afford the insurance for risk against terrorist attacks. They went to the MoD and asked them to help, but were categorically told that there would be NO Cosford this year, and that they wouldn’t help.

I heard that from a trader who is normally there… That’s what they were told.

Grob Driver

7th Jun 2003, 06:29
Cancelled because of the war (like Mildenhall).

Because Cosford's an RAF day (with loads of RAF people required to run it) it was decided that their talents were best used where Blair wanted them, and you don't win votes with Airshows...

Although the war finished quickly, the bulk of the resources are still out there (or catching up with the stuff that got left while they were away).

Fairford has been reinstated quickly because it is such an important UK/US airshow, and that IS good for the votes!!

It will be back in 2004. Unless we're having a pop at Iran by then ;o)