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1st Jun 2003, 23:59
Althought the full story is not known to me the Trident Preservation Society that looks after G-AWZK at Heathrow is facing problems and is thinking of disbanding. I just had a quick look at their website and could only find a message in the Guestbook that gives a brief explanation:
As someone who was involved in the initial restoration of the Trident in 1994, I too agree it's a pity that the aircraft is to lose its home. It should be clarified, though, that this is not "somebody's petty beauracracy" but the result of a decision to develop the Bealine Engineering Base to create more aircraft parking. Sadly, this appears to mean that there isn't a slot for ZK. From the business point of view, Zulu Kilo's Primary role within BA is as a ground handling trainer; currently, as I understand it, the undercarriage is not in a suitable condition for this role; ultimately the aircraft's owners (Customer Service Training) have to decide (probably in conjunction with Engineering) if they can resource an undercarriage overhaul, or whether the role can be performed in a more cost-effective manner). As to access to the aircraft/Engineering base - this is not down to the H&S Manager; this stems from DETR regulations boosting security after the terrorist attacks of the last few years. It is unfortunate for the TPS, I agree, but we live in a less safe world today. I have e-mailed Neil with a suggestion to the problems of his contractor's pass - let's hope it works. Let's say there is no way ZK can be kept on base, not even as a de-icing trainer. Has any thought been given to a future. I know some museums would potentially be interested in ZK (Cosford already has a 1C), and anything's possible if the support/finance is there (The TPS must remember the plans for ZN in 1995, where the only thing that beat us was time!). Has anyone been approached as to at least keeping the forward fuselage, for example? For me, this is the finest part of the restoration. From reading the above, I'm sure people will think I'm against keeping ZK at Heathrow - far from it, but at the end of the day BA is a commercial airline trying to save money, so it is wise to consider the options for the aircraft. I hope the TPS does not disband; even without the focal point of an actual aircraft, the knowledge and memorabilia held within the group is extremely extensive and, together with this website, should remain as a way of at least preserving the memory of one of the 20th Century's most significant aviation achievements.
Taken from the website at : http://www.hs121.org.uk

If anyone knows anything more of this story please let's hear it. We don't want to see this aircraft end up scrapped!!!

5th Jun 2003, 06:52
It is not owned by Customer Service training nor has it ever been funded by that BA department. As you state it was used by Airport Operations Training for de-icing exercise with water and for tow-in push out for prospective aircraft tug drivers.

Due to its problems with regard to lack of maintainence TPS have been aware for the last few years that it required a new home. Irrespective of increased security it was also most unlikely that it would be available for open days etc.

Sadly unless some benefactor appears it will probably end up being broken up as I would guess it will be expensive to cut off the wings and move it that way.