View Full Version : Learjet crashes in LIN

1st Jun 2003, 22:31
A few minutes ago a friend of mine visiting was called by his company with an horrific new: a Learjet 45 on T/O in LIN (just the pilots on board) crashed probably due to bird strike(apparently one of the pilots said it was to ATC). They attempted two emergency landings but finally crashed over a warehouse which is in fire at the moment. The airport is closed because the Firemen are at the crash site. The company itself (Eurojet Italia) has no more news at the moment. Another sad day in aviation.
A thought for the families of the the two pilots, both ex Air Europe Italy, and two of the finest persons I ever met on the business. Just recently I had met the F/O, who told me he was very happy he found that job with Eurojet, after so many years struggling (he was an ex CC).

1st Jun 2003, 22:37
Too bad a news ...:(

Ber Nooly
2nd Jun 2003, 04:40
I've just posted on this in the italian forum. Didn't see this post until now.


2nd Jun 2003, 05:20
Very sad news, go in there quite often and have a friend flying for them. Thoughts go to crew, family and friends.

3rd Jun 2003, 00:13
I too have a relative working for them and according to him, they hit many birds (sparrows) on take off got to 200 feet and went down wind, engines/engine making a screaming noise as heard from other pilots on the apron, and then lost it on right base for 36 by hitting a factory but missing a huge crowd gathered to witness the end of a cylce race.

Poor chaps, condolences to all related.