View Full Version : air angola 707

1st Jun 2003, 02:16
Came into Larnaca on Thursday and there was a tired looking Angolan 707 on the tarmac, just behind it was a civil registered VC10 (didn't see the name) anyone got any further info. I love coming to Cyprus, there's always something different on the tarmac.

1st Jun 2003, 06:40
Civil VC-10....?

Can only have been RAF... or an IL-62

No idea on the 707 tho...

2nd Jun 2003, 14:18
Angola Airlines definitely did have some 707's up until fairly recently. However, as to whether any are still flying I have no idea. The last I heard, they were still un-hushkitted. :)

The Angolan Government operates a 707 - but that is not in Angola Airlines colours.

As for the VC-10, as Jetstream said must have been an IL-62. There are no more civil VC-10's left flying :(

2nd Jun 2003, 19:37
Confirming the above posts, I believe the last civil-registered VC10 to fly belonged to HM Sultan Qaboos of Oman (A40-AB). He kindly donated it to the museum at Brooklands (UK) in 1987, where it still resides. If the one you saw at LCA definitely wasn't in RAF markings, then it must have been the ubiquitous Il-62.

It is rumoured that Angola Air Charter may still have a serviceable 707 ;)