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Jimmy Mack
9th Jul 2001, 15:15
Just finished 3 weeks at Bristol doing the IR training. Now I understand exactly what everyone meant when they said how hard it is!

170A on Thursday & Test on Friday hopefully.

Think I'm going to need some luck and a following wind (?!).

Rudder, Rudder, Rudder, Heading & Speed....


9th Jul 2001, 15:28
Yes I know, been there once, and about to do it all over again.

And what exactly is the point of making the test so tough?


flite idol
9th Jul 2001, 18:16
Cos the writtens are soooo easy.!

Jimmy Mack
9th Jul 2001, 18:50
Because it doesn't cost much in either time or money!!

The test entry fee is now 600 (bargain)
2 hours flight time about 450.

I don't know what happens if you get a partial. Another 600 plus flight time?

Perhaps it's to discourage all those that aren't deadly serious about it, although money is an unfair way too differentiate?

It's certainly encouraging me to go for a first time pass!


9th Jul 2001, 18:58

You get the jist of my question then. Just another hurdle to go through.

btw, where do you get two hour airbourne for 450 ME?

Ah well, that aviation.


Jimmy Mack
9th Jul 2001, 20:43

If I looked back at all the hurdles, it would probably scare me! Just keep looking forward to the next one! Err..looking forward probably not quite what I meant!

How do you eat an elephant...a piece at a time.

Bristol Flying Centre - solo rate is about 200 an hour. With IR instructor it is 350 but they take T/O to LDG times. Solo is chock times.

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