View Full Version : Bucc at Kemble

Secret Squire
30th May 2003, 18:30

I have noticed on several occasions a bucc sitting on the ground at kemble, which has recently dissapeared ??? (not the one that was sold to SA)... the tail number 894 seems to have stuck in my mind, but I could be wrong...does anyone know the story behind this bucc, I have looked but the website for it seems to have some error...

Any info appreciated



30th May 2003, 22:14
Is is in a Navy colour scheme.

IIRC it is now at Farnborough with FAST.

Now doubt DamienB will step in with photos etc.

Secret Squire
31st May 2003, 02:53
Yep MOTF, thats the one, glad to hear its gone to Farnborough rather than being scrapped or anything equally absurd :ok: :D

31st May 2003, 06:42
Now doubt DamienB will step in with photos etc

Nah, I'll just point you here (http://www.f4aviation.co.uk/Hangar/museums/farnboro/fanboro.htm)