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28th May 2003, 04:02
B737-300: Taking off with flaps 5 we accelerate to 210kts initially to protect the flaps if they don't retract.

Do you accelerate to the same speed in your company if taking off with Flaps 15? (max speed F15 is 195 kts....):hmm:

Ali Ronn
28th May 2003, 06:28
Er not quite. Initial climb (eg flap 5 take off) is at Vref +15kts (usually around 165 kts). At acceleration altitude speed 210/220 is selected, depending on weight, then flaps are retracted on schedule as the aircraft accelerates. The rare exception to this is when the sid requires a turn at less then clean speed ( some at MAN are designed for 185 kts). In this case the speed is held back at 180 kts and flap 5 maintained until the speed can be increased.

Hope this answers your question.

28th May 2003, 15:21
we accelerate to 210kts

-- as Ali says, the speed is selected because it is MIN CLEAN and if the flaps fail to retract, which is what I assume you are looking at, 'airmanship' comes into play!

28th May 2003, 15:23
Thanks Ali, but my question deals with speed selection at acceleration altitude if taking off with F15 (no SID speed restriction).
In this case, do you call 210/220 anyway? (let's say the flaps are stuck, you could overstress them...)

Thank you


Ok, BOAC, we've been typing at the same time.
YOU answered my question, thanks!:ok: