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25th May 2003, 15:14
I need for a project any photographic (especially colour) references of Hastings aircraft used by the Met Research Flight whilst based at Aldergrove. Ideally to be forwarded as a .jpg. All conributions appreciated, thanx


25th May 2003, 22:49
Go onto Google and type 'Handley Page Halifax' and you will find links to dozens of sites. Just a sample...



27th May 2003, 17:57
Tiger Mate
Hastings Met.1 202Sqn from 1950 till 31 July 1964 @ Aldergrove.
Dark slate grey overall finish, white circle with 202's duck badge just under cockpit, white lightning-flash cheat line and white disc on rudder with 202 in what looks like yellow."Royal Air Force Coastal Command" along fuselage above windows.

Ref is a B/W pic in a book which I'll have a go at scanning & email to you.
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