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7th Apr 2001, 05:32
Hey all, does anyone know how strict the CAA are with the eye sight requirements. I am well within all limits on their website bar one. That is the visul acuity in my left eye. At 6/9 i can only read some of the letters not all.

My optician says hold out for a year or so and there shouldn't be a problem as my eye sight is slowling correcting its self. Just wanted to know if they are realy strict at reading all letters at 6/9 considering that i can easily read well beond 6/6 with both eyes.

Cheers i appreiciate the help

Speedbird 2946
7th Apr 2001, 14:31
Drop me an e-mail!

7th Apr 2001, 17:56
If you're talking uncorrected, then you have nothing to worry about at all. Even the limit for BA CEP is 6/24 uncorrected.


Speedbird 2946
7th Apr 2001, 19:50

BA no longer imposes that 6/24 rule. Their eyesight regs are now totally inline with the JAA regs available at www.srg.caa.co.uk! (http://www.srg.caa.co.uk!)

I noticed you on another thread.. have you heard about/had your FB yet?



7th Apr 2001, 22:34
Yeah, thanks for asking Speedbird. The news was sadly not good http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif but in the words of the ever-popular Austrian mechanoid, "I'll be back".


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