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master slug
22nd May 2003, 22:44
It seems that the Airports propaganda machine is in overdrive once again. They are claiming that all the baggage problems of the past years are finally over.

What a bunch of crock that is.

They have finally achived mayhem on all 3 terminals now. They have spent millions of pounds an systems that dont work. Not one single terminal works now, Plus we also have the added bonus were they are getting rid of some of there maintance staff.

It has to be said that once again the pilots have to make that dreaded decision , do we stay and wait for the poor sods bags or do we go for the allocated slot . Knowing that we are about to ruin some poor sods holidays because of the Airports inability to deliver the bags to the aircraft due to a flawed baggage system.

It seems to most people that the only thing the Airport are interested in is to maximise profits.

Most people might think this sounds like the ravings of a disgruntled employee. The fact is its not. Its just a careing person
that has grave concerns for Joe Public.

23rd May 2003, 04:40
Problems finally over? They were still having the same old [email protected] there at all of, ooh, 1830 this evening!


23rd May 2003, 05:07
Personally I went for the slot and ruined 20 peoples holidays yesterday.

Sorry folks.........if you ever read this.....:uhoh:

master slug
23rd May 2003, 14:17
you are right, you have to go for the slot. The truth is that we are all carrying the blame for the Airports second rate baggage system. Hundred's of bags missed the other day due to some technical hitch. Trouble is these hitches happen every day.

The airports new baggage shed lies idol. Because nobody has got any faith in it. No doubt the airports propaganda machine will be driven out to paper over the cracks.

Still bank holiday is just around the corner, Who Knows it may be working by then. I think not...

23rd May 2003, 20:04
Just wondering, but if you waited for the bags (and therefore missed your slot) wouldn't the subsequent cost & schedule delay to the airline cause some severe kicks to the arse of the airport operator? What are the policies of the different airlines re slots vs a/c not ready?

master slug
25th May 2003, 10:09
It would appear the Propaganda machine failed today (sat).
Plenty of bags missed, plenty holidays ruined again. as predicted.Even the airports Tempory fix to the baggage problems had enough today. They just walked off the job, never to be seen again.Still summers only just getting started.

o to be a fly on the walls at these meetings listening to the excuses. It was the wrong size of bag for the system perhaps.

or who knows perhaps the wrong colour of bag.

Last year JMC threatened to go to Liverpool. And Britannia.

27th May 2003, 18:50
3rd world airport.

How long before taxiway Delta is back to it's old ways..
And why do we still need a bloke to press a button to turn on a red light to tell us to stop on stand? Nightmare when two aircraft are trying to park at the same time!!


29th May 2003, 14:45
When you have self-seeking, arrogant directors and senior management, this is the kind of result to be expected. The rot always starts at the top! These people are only interested in self agrandisement and putting the appropriate glossy spin on everything that happens. Sadly there is nobody to question their incompetence. It will probably be golden handshakes for them in due course!

29th May 2003, 16:36
Anyone know how things went yesterday/are going today with all the extra flights laid on for the European Cup Final?

30th May 2003, 06:06
The arriving bags are on the belt now.

2nd Jun 2003, 19:51
Looked like a refugee camp the morning after the match!!!
But hey, that's Britain... :hmm:

3rd Jun 2003, 06:06
Well when I flew from T1 about a month ago it was ridiculous, there were two flights departing to Fuerteventura, within an hour of each other,

MYT172 (A321) and MYT111 (DC-10)

and by some force of god, they managed to put all of the A321's baggage onto the DC-10, which caused us to miss our slot and sit on the plane for over an hour, which was a great start to the holiday. How can a company show such incompetence? It isn't even as if the flights had consecutive flight numbers, and the aircraft were parked about as far away from each other as you can get, it seemed very unprofessional to me.

master slug
8th Jun 2003, 07:05
Well it seems that the handover for the baggage system has been put on hold. The airport have withheld final payment for the piece of [email protected] they call a baggage system. Due to that fact that it still does not work. Staff have been employed on a daily basis to ferry the bags to the right areas.
I'll bet somebody in charge is sweating. Still lots of bags being left behind. More holidays being ruined. The way things are going heads will be rolling. Whats so difficult to get a bag from A to B via an X-Ray machine. Rumour has it that some of the bags dont come out of the system until about 2 to 3 days later. Must be a big bag monster to eat all these bags.

master slug
17th Jun 2003, 17:42
It Would appear that sometime sunday afternoon baggage handlers from all companys stopped working in terminal 1. This was as a result that once again that piece of [email protected] they call a baggage system failed again. I'm informed that at one point they had to stop checking in flights. Airport workers felt totally let down by the aiports inabillity to deliver bags to the correct working area's.This it would seem happens on a daily basis.
Once again you were faced with the same problem, wait for the bags and miss the slot . Some of you had to take the forced option to leave the bags behind. As it was lots of holidays were ruined again, This time it was not in the tens or twentys, It was in the Hundreds. Its once agin same old [email protected] just a different year. Heads should roll for this outrage , but once again it will be swept under the carpet. The misery and suffering to peoples lives must now run in to the thousands. Because of the airports inabillity to run a real airport.

Its about time they sold off these other airports and just worked on getting manchester working

Buggs Bunny
18th Jun 2003, 21:21
Its amazing that any bags get to the right aircraft.
No one has mentioned the hard work that handling agent staff have to put up within the sortation and baggage hall areas. Some of them have literally collapsed on the job. This is not good enough and has been brought to the attention of the airport. They say that it is due to a lack of staff, but how do you staff for bags that fall down any chute. It would probably take two or three times the staff to man correctly, but then no one could move.

By chance, have any airline crews taken time to visit the sortation halls, escpecially T1. You would be amazed at how it works. If you get time, try

Oh well, only another five months to go:eek: :eek:

19th Jun 2003, 16:35
Arrived back at Manchester Tuesday evening from Paris on BA
baggage was waiting for us before we could even get to baggage reclaim, timed from docking to getting in taxi 7 minutes

Problem going out was check in with BA with line going almost through to terminal 2 at 05.30 in morning, mind you not much better at Paris on return


You splitter
19th Jun 2003, 20:24
On the wait versus slot isuue.

Wioth respect Im surprised that the pilots on here seem to believe this decision falls squarely on their shoulders. Us guys in Ops do have information that could lead to a more educated decision being made by both of us.

For example you may have a slot but do you know what the flow rates and regs are? Sometimes you may hold an on-time slot. If demand in the sector with a regulation is low (and we can find out!) then delaying the FPL by 10-15 mins wont give you an horrendous slot two hours later. Again customer care dept may well inform us that there are 'x' amount of of frequent flyers/gold card members etc etc. In which case the best call to make is hold fire for 5 minutes and see if the bags appear.


master slug
20th Jun 2003, 07:08
You Splitter.

True when it comes to club and frequent flyers the planes are sometimes held back. But most of the people that have there bags left behind, are the poor sods that have saved up all year for there holidays. Its these poor people that should be compensated for having there holidays ruined. And not by the tour operators, but by the bungling managers that had that system fitted.

Terminal 2 is worse than it was last year.

and thats after a major refit.

You splitter
20th Jun 2003, 20:41
This is true of course. I am not that familiar with MAN, at least not the IT and charter market.

Can guarentee at least one or two SITA messages a week from Servisair announcing

T2 baggage system has failed. Repair time not known. delays forecast.

As Cilla would say "Surprise Surprise"