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21st May 2003, 01:30
Can anybody tell me why I pay my union subscriptions each month?Because it seems to me I dont get anything for my money, working for B.A Citiexpress it seems you are left to fight your own battles.
The PLH base gets closed and their are no union reps present at the staff meeting to explain the situation
BALPA , CABIN CREW89 and any other unions that are supposed to represent their members no where to be seen, the unions have all these meetings with the mismanagement but the company seems to do what it wants, where it wants, when it wants! I have it on good authority that a BALPA rep turned up at the PLH crew room this morning HELLO!!! 24 hours to late mate but at least you got there, CABIN CREW89 have yet to find PLH to consult with their members, so do we get value for our cash?

21st May 2003, 02:58

There is only one possible thing to do in the kind of circumstances you describe, and that is put yourself up for election as a shop steward. You care, so you should be good at it.

In my experience, commonly just about nobody wants to be the shop steward so the job ends up being done by someone who doesn't really want to do it but who takes it on because there is no one else willing to do it. These people lack commitment and are usually only too ready to stand aside and let you in.

If you have a cr*p district officer, then that's a different matter.

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21st May 2003, 03:55
Another problem is that it also attracts people who want an easy life.....days off at home, ability to write your own roster, credit protection, no reserve. Is it any wonder that some of them donīt want to rock the boat?

21st May 2003, 04:25
Maxy - translation required, you know, for the rest of the world!

"credit protection"

21st May 2003, 09:10
marlowe, it is time you volunteer. a union can only help if a pilot group stands united with one voice. it can not be acceptable to have scabs among you. the pilot group must look out for the best interests of every single pilot on your seniority list. if there is a contract problem, your grievance representative must volunteer to thoruoghly research the matter and defend your contract. if there is a training problem then your training commitee representative must form a case to get that pilot the additional training to fix the problems. a pilot group can only be strong if there are passionate volunteers willing to devote countless hours of their off time to defend the average line pilot. if you are not happy call up your mec and volunteer. your passion towards improving your pilot group's situation will motivate your fellow brothers. set up telephone hotlines, put out the information that pilots want to know. before long you will have an entire corps of motivated individuals focused on making your airline the best in every way. strength in unity!