View Full Version : Ba Aptitudes on the 25th June? Anyone else got through?

The Graduate
5th Jul 2001, 11:56

I was at Cranebank on the 25th June doing my aptitude tests for BA. I was over the moon to hear I got through them! Beginners luck...? Was just wondering who else that was there has been successful and invited to final board. Anyone not make it through on that day?

Hope to hear that others of you were successful soon!


Bunty Boy
5th Jul 2001, 17:46
Got through from my apps on the 11th June.
Do you have a date for your FB yet?


The Graduate
5th Jul 2001, 20:39
No date for definite as yet, but when I spoke to someone at The Rivers I was told that the FB would be around the end of August and into early September.

The next course they have that isn't filled yet should be starting in Sept/October time. Whether it is Oxford or Western Michigan is also not known (or they wouldn't say).

Anybody else joining us at FB?

6th Jul 2001, 01:46
I know it completely off the main subject you started with but I'd be grateful if you could tell me the logic behind the verbal reasoning tests in the aptitude tests?

I'll buy you presents if your advice gets me through the tests 2nd time around...promise!

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