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You want it when?
20th May 2003, 18:02
A million years ago (or thirty), I watched an old black and white film about a Vampire squadron, I think part of the plot centred around the gun ranges having some protected wildlife and the local villagers (and leading lady) rowing out there when the squadron were about to practice - pilot gets the girl etc... by calling off the practice at the last minute..

Can someone help me name the film, did it have any decent flying scenes in it (my memory is too clouded). Is it worth getting a copy?


20th May 2003, 22:53
It was called 'A Conflict of Wings' and was shot in colour, which makes some of the Vampire scenes interesting in their own right. I believe I have a VHS tape of it somewhere.

22nd May 2003, 05:33
Some very good flying shots in 'Conflict of Wings' - including rare footage of the Supermarine Swift. Fortunately I have a good tape of the movie.

But at which aerodrome was it filmed? The interesting thing about many of the shots is the routine activity going on in the background. Makes you realise just how big the RAF once was!!

The movie was made in 1954 and starred John Gregson and Muriel Pavlow.

Dan Winterland
23rd May 2003, 17:07
It was filmed at Langham which is on the North Norfolk coast. I know this 'cos a mate of mine was an extra in the film - as a 6 year old! At the time of filming, it was home to Beaufighter and Mosquito target tugs.

The airfield is still active as a GA field, but in private ownership. A chap called Henry Labouchere has an engineering operation there specialising in DH aircraft.

23rd May 2003, 17:28
Now this is going to sound really :sad: but there will be a special showing of this film on 12th October at 14:30, at "the Regal" in Wymondham, Norfolk.

The film was also occasionally billed as "Fuss over Feathers".:8

You want it when?
24th May 2003, 20:07
Well thanks to the PPRuNe network of trusting souls a copy of this film arrived and has run through the VCR, once so far (insomniac) ... not as much flying in it as I remembered but a great film.

Now I'm waiting for a rainy Sunday (shouldn't be too long), as that is the only time to watch and enjoy British movies of that vintage!

Also (via other thread) Play.com recieved a nice order for various DVDs. HeHe that's me set for ages..

Thanks for the help.

Tim Mills
2nd Jun 2003, 15:37
I seem to remember that, the whole film being about Vampires, the closing credits had a background flypast of a couple of Meteor squdrons flying into the evening sun! I was an insignificant member of that formation, made up of the Horsham St Faith Wing (74 and 245 squadrons). We were told we were being 'symbolic', we agreed!