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19th May 2003, 19:37
any one knows what was the engine failure on the KLM B767 "Erasmus Bridge" that had to divert to Gander on the 16th? I was on the AMS-ORD flight on the 17th, we carried a new engine for the 767 and landed in Gander.
Actually that turned out to be a big joke: 2 hours delay on departure from AMS as they didn't fit the engine properly. Then, on arrival in Gander (cool stop-over) the KLM team realised that the airport didn't have adequate equipment to unload the CF-6.
We spent 4 hours on the ground, while they tried everything, from a heavy lifter to a crane. I was scared all the time that they'd damage the cargo door and I'd have to spend a night in that toundra desert town instead of a cool night in ORD.

But, not funny for the crew, poor chaps. Who's the smart planner who sent us there??

19th May 2003, 19:53
Yeh, I'd love to know as well as I had to spend a Saturday night in Memphis whilst tornados were touching ground for a few hours.
Next morning I had to bach track to Houston to catch the afternoon AMS flight !
What a way to spend a week-end

19th May 2003, 22:32
I was scared all the time that they'd damage the cargo door and I'd have to spend a night in that toundra desert town

One September day in 2001 there were plenty of punters damn glad to spend some time in that "tundra desert town"...

The pictures of all those Boeings and Airbuses crammed onto runways and taxiways in Gandar and other Maritime runways were quite amazing.

20th May 2003, 06:19
MarkD, not so sure those guys were "damn glad" not to arrive at destination. It must have been an amzing scene though. But I don't think it was so nice for the passengers who had to find rooms at people's house, although it must have been a good fraternising experience.

The place is very interesting too, An-124, C17 on the ramp, gliders, real bush aviation.

If you have any of those photos of Gander on 9/11, I'd love to c them

20th May 2003, 08:38
Everyone to his own, ShenziRubani. I'd rather have the warm hospitality of Gander any time over a "cool" night out in ORD!

There is an aerial pic of Gander here (http://www.theganderconnection.org/mystory/story13.htm) and an interesting one of Halifax (who did an equally sterling job) here (http://www.hiaa.ca/zoom.asp?img=images/zoom/i_usa_4.jpg).

One of the ATCOs at YQX put up a nice web page here (http://www3.nf.sympatico.ca/krista.ken/) with some good shots of the unexpected visitors on 9/11. It also has a number of related links (a couple are now out of date). You might care to review your remarks about Gander after reading it ;)

20th May 2003, 13:52
Plus the Gander Duty-Free shop still gives out a captain's bottle if you stop there and let the pax into the transt area!

If you thought Gander was a bit isolated, try Goose Bay! You'll think that Gander is the height of cosmpolitan sophistication after a trip to Happy Valley!

20th May 2003, 16:03
A gear problem coupled with an EFIS failure on a night approach in a snow storm into Goose gave me the opportunity to sample the local hotel. The visit to the local 'Chinese' chop house was interupted by some boistrous and very inebriated local natives, apparently the alcohol tolerance is pretty low I was told,, but the sweet and sour we had managed to get before everybody was asked to leave was delicious. Pretty chilly and quite glad to leave for a gear down ferry to Stuart NY. Made an interesting change though from the previous in-and-outs.

20th May 2003, 23:36
DrSyn, Others,

Okay, one sec, I didn't say Gander was the worst place in the world, and I agree that I'd love to fly floaters or B1900 around the area. But for the passengers of KLM 0611 and myself, it turned out to be a hole, away from our destination and delaying us for 6 hours from our families or business, all that purely because KLM was trying to save money (very understanding) and using our flight to bring an engine for a broken B767. Unfortunately, if a bit of planning and head had been put into it, it could have gone faster and with success. Instead, 230 people were diverted against their will, waited in a little not so comfortable airport, for a failed operation as they couldn't get the engine out of the 747 without damageing both the plane and the spare engine.
Nothing to do with Gander, but more the situation. I had been in flying in Africa for 7 months and was eager to reunite with my wife than else.

So, sorry, but I wasn't trying to put Gander down, I always like new airports, new ramps, planes to see

20th May 2003, 23:49
Why not use your own airlines aircraft to transport this engine. Makes economic and logistical sence. Ok things could have gone better for you in YQX, and a little foresight wouldn't have gone a miss. Seems that this was quite a smart move in terms of dispatch time of the engine to YQX an must have saved your company a massive bundle of dosh. The only downside being an extra sector for you and a few late pax.

21st May 2003, 06:06
some one could write a really good book about AOG situations ..... cheers .... hobie

21st May 2003, 07:05

Seems to me the lack of planning is more on the part of your company, rather than KLM.

As a former freight dog anytime my company put any kind of unusual cargo on board and flag stopped us, I made good and sure whatever it was we had (be it a vehicle, engine, or just big boxes) could be off-loaded at the intended destination.

As for KLM saving some money, did your company take this freight for free? I rather think the opposite would be true...

A flag stop for AOG parts usually commands the highest tariff possible, so I don't think they were trying to save $$$$.

I've spent many happy nights in Gander and Halifax, and recommend it highly for a stopover...but only for one night...

21st May 2003, 07:09
Great idea, hobie. C130 guys would make up a whole volume on its own.

SR: Nice recovery ;)

DI3G: Believe me, a whole week and you can really get into it!