View Full Version : Vampire bits needed

16th May 2003, 05:23
Parts urgently needed for restoration to flight project. The seats are Martin Baker Mk 3B from a Vampire T11 / 55
If anyone can help , please IM me

MBEU 4112 Headrest and Apron for a Martin Baker Mk 3 B seat as fitted to Vampire T11 / 55

6D 1468 Oxy hoses for same seat ( 4' long corrugated pipes) These fit on the STBD side of the seat and are fixed by 'P' Clips

BTRU trip cables MBEU 614DH (need 2)

Drogue gun trip rods MBEU 710DH (need 2)

Main Gun Type 2 Mk 1 (MBEU 5V) (need 1)

Thanks in anticipation

Compass Call
16th May 2003, 06:45

Try Source Aviation at Bournemouth, 01202-578999.
They have several Vampires and may be able to point you in the right direction.