View Full Version : Aircraft blocking runway @ ZTH

16th May 2003, 01:47
Few diversions/delays around Greece because of this today, anyone got any info?


16th May 2003, 05:22
Olympic Airways ATR-72 had an engine fire on the runway and then (due to the engine systems) apparently couldn't get off it . - was also allegedly a crew training flight according to the agent!
Caused utter chaos - happened about 0800z , airfield open approx 1400z. My lot ended up in CFU but managed to get back to UK in a duty day plus a bit of discretion.! This is what probably accounts for YOUR charter flight being late today in the UK!

Midland Maniac
18th May 2003, 02:28
Feel Sorry for the people that were stuck in the terminal building whilst all this was going on!!!

Just come back from there, and I have never seen such a comical and small terminal building. Not the sort of place where you want to be when 4 hour delays are being out....!!!!

Still at least you could get a pint of beer for 5 Euros!!!


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