View Full Version : Britain suspends flights to Kenya

15th May 2003, 23:54
LONDON, May 15 (AFP) - The British government has decided all
flights to and from Kenya are to be suspended from 11pm (2100 GMT)
on Thursday because of an "imminent" threat, the Association of
British Travel Agents said.

15th May 2003, 23:57
From the Press Association
All UK flights to and from Kenya are to be suspended from tonight because of an increased terrorist threat, it was announced today.
The Department for Transport told airlines that "the threat level to UK civil aviation interests in Kenya has increased to imminent''.
It added that "accordingly, from 10pm tonight UK time all UK airline operations to and from Kenya must be suspended''.

16th May 2003, 00:01
In the present climate I suppose this should not come as a great surprise. The State (Kenya) has for many years suppressed bad news with regard to the growing unrest and the threat to foriegn visitors. With recent events this threat has clearly been taken seriously. It will not be good for Kenya or the avaition industry.

16th May 2003, 05:52
Current BBC news story here (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3031801.stm) and basically says BA and Monarch have cancelled their current services, with other western airlines considering it. Kenyan are still operating into LHR. Follows the suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia, fighting and unrest in Kenya, and also the missile shooting toward the aircraft last year near Mombasa.

16th May 2003, 16:49
Kenya Airways operating B763 as normal.

Punter getting off BA flight in NBO LHR T4 this morning wondered what all the fuss was about and quoting saying "its just a storm in a teacup i'm sure",,,,no....

18th May 2003, 19:05
Yet the press can't resist scaring the pants off pax/public yet again with front pages reading "Terrorists target British Jets" and a picture of a BA jet. No mention of it beinglocalized in West Africa until inside. As if the industry needs to have people discouraged from flying any more!