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Niaga Dessip
2nd Aug 2001, 00:48
In tonight's Blackpool Evening Gazette:

THE Vulcan bomber at Blackpool Airport has been defaced by vandals who daubed the message "Comed Lives" in yellow paint across the old warplane.

Blackpool Air Centre boss Brian Bateson, who owns the bomber, was fuming when he spotted the graffiti on the wings of the plane which sits in front of his hangar at Blackpool Airport.

Comed Group of Companies boss Robert Murgatroyd said he did not know who the perpetrator of the graffiti was.

But he added that even though he did not agree with vandalism as a way of getting the message across, he was pleased at the recognition that the Comed name was back in business.

Mr Murgatroyd's former company Comed Aviation was grounded in February owing more than 500,000 to Blackpool Airport. But after reaching an agreement on repayment, he resurrected his flying school and maintenance business.

Mr Bateson said the graffiti was discovered on Tuesday morning. He said: "It is a pity that someone has found it necessary to vandalise this old bomber.

"These people are embittered towards us because we tendered for a lot of Comed's fixed assets and bought them."

Mr Murgatroyd said: "This has nothing to do with my company but obviously someone somewhere has decided to do it, and I say good on them.

Boys need to grow up, me thinks. :rolleyes:

2nd Aug 2001, 18:17
Good afternoon Ppruners,

By coincidence I was stood under the wing of the very same Avro Vulcan on Tuesday, Mr Bateson should be ashamed of himself as owner of that Aircraft, it looks as though it has been throught the third world war, it is covered with green algea, and has not seen any care or attention probably since it flew ito EGNH, I would say the artist who daubed the paint has done the owner a little favour.

Onan the Clumsy
2nd Aug 2001, 19:50
I wonder if he has any connection to Bateson's toy shop up by the Post Office. They used to have gigantic Lego models in the window when I was a nipper.

I've seen the aircraft in question a couple of years ago and it was definitely falling to pieces, even back then. Too bad really because the Vulcan is such a beautiful machine. I saw one flying ove London once, doing steep turns at low level. Fabulous.

2nd Aug 2001, 22:25
Well said,the Vulcan is a disgrace,I believe the sale of the engines more than payed for the aircraft and not a penny spent on it since.
Welcome back mukky hope everything goes well
with the flying school!

Girl From Mars
3rd Aug 2001, 18:21
Maybe the Ladies Darts team will Daub one of Murgy's aircraft (shouldn't think for one minute they are actually his) with one of their slogans......

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4th Aug 2001, 02:46
Girl from Mars.
At least he has not dissapeared,he has offered most of the people 50% back.

At least he is having a go,its easier to sit back and have a go,how many flying clubs and organisations have taken money from people and then just foxtrock oscar never to be seen or heard of again, long live free enterprise and comedy aviation.

If you ever get north of the great divide I will gladly buy you a drink and you can throw the darts!!! :D

4th Aug 2001, 20:42
Is it not time for all the old bandit drivers to jump on this thread, always good for a fight that! (or just a pint or four)

6th Aug 2001, 17:02
I saw the Vulcan at Blackpool about 3 years ago and it was a mess then. Daubing a bit of paint on it has certainly done it no harm. Bateson should be ashamed of himself for letting it get in such state. Being self riteous about it is a bit rich!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

6th Aug 2001, 17:23
Naw who wants to fight, I know some of the old bandit guys theyve all moved on! :rolleyes:

Oh whos Platinum? saw in dublin few days ago? jetsteam

6th Aug 2001, 19:50
They are an executive charter airline based in Northolt but they have a couple af bases in Biggin Hill southhampton etc.
John Mason is the CEO and they have 3 jetstreams a couple of beech King Airs and a cessna citation.

They took over a good few routes previously operated by comed. Not sure if These are operated in an executice style or what.

All the best,

Niaga Dessip
7th Aug 2001, 01:45
Just as Loco said. They have also opened Blackpool - Biggin Hill service with coach connection to the centre of London. There is also talk of extending the route to Paris.
Niaga D. ;)

10th Aug 2001, 03:02

Hows life in Gibneys!!!!!! :D