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15th May 2003, 01:45

There's the link. The photo in the paper was better

Most amusing was the fact that 'the airport duty manager very vigilantly saw this vehicle'! How can you miss a tank!

Onan the Clumsy
15th May 2003, 01:54
Tanks have keys? :confused: :confused:

What if you're in a war and you lose them?

15th May 2003, 01:57
The stunt was further hampered when an EasyJet staff member removed the keys from the tank.
This has to be one of the funniest things I have heard in a long while. Stoopid PR people. It makes you wonder about their knowledge of the business in which they work. :confused:

Jim Cohen
15th May 2003, 07:35
Your are Soooo right Timzstsa,

Thank god for smart English men!!!!!!!!

I don't like Ryanair, but where would we be if it wasn't for
small minded English men, with time on their hands?????
What do you do funguy, push trolleys or collect chewing gum rappers?

Anyway, who let Mol ride around in a tank in the first place????

Watch what you say, fool!

15th May 2003, 15:56
By "buffoons" do you mean all Irish people or just those with tanks and would you include the Royal Irish regiment in Basra. This type of racist comment really lets the side down, old chap.

15th May 2003, 18:25
[email protected] - lock the git up for wasting Police time!

15th May 2003, 18:46
Lurking around near airports in a tank, with your staff dressed in combat clothing would seem to be a pretty stupid thing to do.....

Whilst it might be amusing to hear that EasyJet got the better of MoL on this occasion; PR coups like Richard B tweaking BA's nose with the Virgin logo on the Heathrow Concorde model are rather less likely to alarm the public or to cause problems than a bunch of people with a tank!

A pity that the EasyJet people didn't spray the thing bright orange before handing MoL the keys back!

15th May 2003, 19:00
The Oxygen of free publicity...

Though I would have to admit that this was a pretty 'grotty' type of PR stunt - it worked.

There's a war - that is firmly established - and the masses can wonder who's winning? Who leads from the front and gets right up the tailpipe of their competitors?

I cringed when I saw the piece on TV about this - I mean it was hardly a tank - more an APC I would think - and MOLs chants were laughable but it was a FREE and EFFECTIVE campaign.

A lesson, I would think, for PR companies as I'm not sure one was used in this case.

PR disaster??? I think not.

PR success - more accurately describes the end result. The more wound up about this campaign that you were - the more insecure that you feel....

...it pushed exactly the right buttons (if presenting the situation a little facetiously).

15th May 2003, 19:05
All credit to the staff at Luton for spotting the tank approaching the Airport! :rolleyes:

"Our airport duty manager very vigilantly saw this vehicle"

But yes, it was a pretty stupid stunt.

15th May 2003, 21:15
think mol should change his name to

Cupid Stunt!

CarltonBrowne the FO
15th May 2003, 22:03
Fairly good PR for easy though... nice work by the key-grabber. :ok:

16th May 2003, 02:11
I thought the photo of MOL was pretty good as well - combat gear worn over jeans with trainers. Idiot.

In trim
16th May 2003, 02:41
The key-grabber was easyJet's PR guy......and he left his business card as a little clue!


18th May 2003, 06:58
:confused: What is happenning to this industry? Is it that ONLY the loonies can run the aysulum (spelling?). I mean lets get tanks to attack. Christ, lets go for broke and employ B52s !!!!

18th May 2003, 17:19
I would have even less confidence in an airport where the director thought it was vigilant of his security man to see a tank in the first place.As if he could have missed it!!! Who cares about his English?
J.C and herodotus should lighten-up.Timza's post was hardly racism!

18th May 2003, 19:11
After receiving many PM's about my Irshnman remark I have chosen to remove the post.

Apologies for the offence caused.

Bomber Harris
19th May 2003, 08:03
Well done timzsta. Nice to see somebody recoginise they made an error. It's very easy to fall back on racism when we want to critisise somebody. MOL has his problems....but one of them is not being Irish. Deride him about the errors he makes ....not his nationality.

Maybe the other english tossers will apologise now that you have set the precedent.....jesus...just a joke, before everyone jumps all over me!!!!!!

19th May 2003, 22:44
In reply to the comment 'how could you not see the tank'. It surprising that the Controllers 152ft above the hotel failed to see it!!!, nor did anyone else have the sense or vision to report it.:ok:

20th May 2003, 00:06
Has Mr OŽLeary been charged with anything? It is my understanding that he has broken the law by taking an "apparently armed vehicle" into a restricted area.

Quote from the Guardian:

Under the Aviation Security Act, any vehicle that appears to be armed is barred from airport property

Or would locking up the publicity grabbing snake give him more free publicity?

Wonder if he will use the tank for his next visit to the Advertising Standards Authority when he has to explain the next misleading Ryanair sales promotion.