View Full Version : Media Conglomeration in U.S.

15th May 2003, 00:39
The FCC Chairman in the U.S. has quietly proposed a set of rule changes that will make it possible for media conglomerates to own more radio, television, and print media outlets in a given market. This appears to pave the way for increased dominance of the U.S. media by the major players, with the effect of reducing the variety of opinions heard by the public.

The actual proposed rules have not been made public. The FCC chairman is insisting on voting on the rule changes by June 2, without releasing them to the public and without public input.

Strangely enough, I could find nothing on this issue on CNN.com nor on MSNBC.com. The information I have came from NPR and the New York Times.

Freedom of the press belongs to him who owns one...so fewer owners will reduce the numbers of pesky reporters asking difficult questions...

Hope you Brits don't follow our lead.