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6th Sep 2001, 09:51
Front page of today's Gulf Daily News

Go-around probe by airline

Officials are investigating an incident in which a Gulf Air pilot trying to land at Bahrain International Airport elected to perform a "go-around".
The incident involved an Airbus A320 coming in from Cairo, the same type aircraft and route involved in last year's Gulf Air disaster, just off Muharraq.
Gulf Air's on-time performance board is reviewing Tuesday's incident, in which the pilot chose a flight "go-around" prior to landing.
Gulf Air Flight 070 was carrying more than 100 passengers and a crew of seven.
It landed at 7.25pm, 30 minutes behind schedule.
No discomfort was caused to the passengers, according to a statement issued by the airline last night.
It did not identify the pilot, or give a reason for the go-around.

Despite what happened last year some of our boys out here will be tempted to get it down first time if they think they are not only going to be invited in for tea and bikkies but have it splashed all over the local rag!!!

6th Sep 2001, 11:03
As SLF, one who used to fly frequently with GF until they displayed repeated skills at losing things (baggage twice and a thundering great tractor tire as freight, lost 2 weeks in LHR recently!) I would be the first to support the drivers.

I remember telling one nervous fellow pax on a Trident into LHR one day "If in doubt, they GA" as she worried at the transition to full chat and clean wings. (That turned out to be a vehicle incursion on the r/w!)

Go for it guys - I'd rather be 15 minutes late arriving than not at all ;)

6th Sep 2001, 15:34
A go around!
WOW, how exciting, yawn, yawn - back to sleep. :rolleyes:

PPRuNe Towers
6th Sep 2001, 18:26
A potential further tradgedy if GF don't learn to see it your way foxmoth.

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Flap 5
6th Sep 2001, 18:38
I am surprised at you PPRuNe Towers. GF's insistance on investigating a perfectly safe go around will put pressure on pilots to land rather than go around on a potentially hazardous approach. Foxmoth is correct in that a go around is a normal event after an abnormal approach. Perhaps the reason(s) for the abnormal approach should be investigated, but even that puts pilots under unnecessary pressure.

6th Sep 2001, 19:28
I think that is what pprune towers is implying. we all know a go around is nothing special, but if you get this response after going around it could prove fatal. anyway i'll await the incident report. it should be out this time next year.

6th Sep 2001, 22:43
Sorry Towers,
Was taking it as another stupid press report, If GF ARE investigating themselves it seems an over reaction from them and I agree with those who think this is the wrong way to go.

6th Sep 2001, 23:19
Why this big cofufle over a go-around ,the drill we were taught from day one to resolve a unhappy approach.I've raised this issue at allsorts of 'safety'forums:Why is a go around a 'reportable'Incident.the only answers I get is that 'Pubic relations get some flack and need an answer.The standard answer of course is 'truck on the runway',or traffic slow to taxi.Frankly it's nobody's darn business,but the crew's in question!! :eek:

PPRuNe Towers
7th Sep 2001, 01:31
Have a glance at the report at the top of the thread again folks.

Note very carefully the part of GF management allegedly doing the investigation - that is what wound me up and prompted me to comment.


7th Sep 2001, 03:34
Please Pprune towers, don't make conflicting statements..oxymorons like "GF management"...slots right in with "helicopter safety" "army intelligence".."middle east peace"....and the list goes on....

Flap 5
9th Sep 2001, 22:10
Right, I see what you are getting at now PPRuNe Towers. You are in fact agreeing with foxmoth. Indeed if the 'on time performance' part of GF management get to influence GF pilot's decisions on when they make a go around there could be another future tragedy.

10th Sep 2001, 16:41
A go-around is a same maneuver devised to prevent an unsafe landing, period. If a flight crew judges a landing unsafe, they should not be judged, but commended for good judgment.

A320 SFO
11th Sep 2001, 00:27
GF seem to make a habit of these Go-Arounds...especially in severe CAVOK conditions :confused:

11th Sep 2001, 03:46
In some 35 years as a pax, I have never experienced a GA. If/when it happens, I shall make a point of stopping by the flight deck as I disembark, to thank them for their careful adherence to the cause of getting our collective backsides on the ground in the same shape as when they left it!

I am astounded that a GA should be considered reportable. Sure, it must be noted and the reason but - that's it! I realise that if a particular person calls too many, then some remedial training etc. might be called for.

12th Sep 2001, 22:05
As far as i am aware, they went around after experiencing problems with the flaps during final approach. a normal reaction to a problem during a decelarated approach. as for your comment sfo a320, maybe that's all you'll ever be.

13th Sep 2001, 11:37

Your ignorant comment on helicopter safety is the sort of uninformed rubbish which our dear friends in the media love. If you wish to denigrate any branch of aviation then please do it away from professional aviators

13th Sep 2001, 13:43
Most professional avaitors where I come from have a sense of humor.....better get one soon, or you won't last long ;) ;) ;)

14th Sep 2001, 11:37
You have completely misunderstood, haven't you. We can all have a laugh and a joke about safety but it's not only pilots who read these threads. If we are to educate non-aviators about the safe operation of helicopters then we have to stop the perception that a lot of people have that they are inherently not safe.
If you have a sense of humour, how about another oxymoron then - security checks?