View Full Version : The Churchill Dog for No10

14th May 2003, 07:21
Well the rest of them talk complete and utter dog garbage...Who would you like to see as the spokesperson for No10...Well at least the dog makes me laugh...evertime!


14th May 2003, 19:30
Oh yes. Would ya like to stroke me coat?

Trouble is I couldn't vote for it as the [email protected] 'invited' me to resign from a job after only 2 evenings of training. I mean, just because I was flying instead - how mean spirited is that?:O

simon brown
14th May 2003, 22:21
Hasnt a Rotwieller just resigned having chewed up and bad mouthed a small lap dog?:ok:

When George throws his stick, little faithful Tony is seen bounding waggy tailed back to his owner