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13th May 2003, 16:54

A few of you might remember that line from the Morecambe and Wise show.
Well I bought a damaged MW6 some 4 years ago and set off to fix it. I got a local inspector to check the repaired wing off before I covered it and he was happy. Sadly he did not sign anything but I was new to this and did not twig. I also had a bit of fun registering it as mine. It did not have a permit so the CAA would not let me register it. The PFA would not let me get it inspected as it was not registered to me! The song there’s a hole in my bucket dear lizer was sung many a time! Eventually this logjam was sorted but it took 5 weeks.
I then finished the repairs and transported the plane to my home strip and contacted the PFA about a new inspector as the first one did not want to travel the extra distance. They said the list was out of date but gave me a few number over the phone. Er out of date is hardly the word as I could not get hold of any of them.
Four MONTHS later I got out of my pram and asked the PFA how to put the plane on the American register as I did not want to play any more.
It was at this point I got an inspector and all was signed off.
All was well till the end of last year when I fitted a new prop and my inspector retired. This and fitting the 415 kg mod was a BIG mistake. The field was as muddy as hell in January so it was not until February could we take a look at it. Dave insisted we weighed the plane and do a weight and balance. Bad move as it came out 1/10 of an inch aft of rear limit with 2 86 kg pilots and nil fuel. I asked the PFA if I could placard it to say the heaviest occupant should be in the front.
Four weeks later I rang up the PFA to see if they were still alive and was told 2 different stories. In the morning I got a letter with a 3rd story that I could not fit such a placard. I therefore fitted a cushion to the rear seat to move the moment arm and sent off another letter. Three days later I rang up to see if they had received it but the guy at the other end could not be bothered to look. One week later I rang up again to be told there were no outstanding paperwork issues on the plane but Francis was in late and would ring me. Sorry to be dense but no permit to fly is an issue as far as I am concerned. I rang back an hour later to find he had been and gone.
So there you go, how to spend a total of 5 months on the ground as we are now in May. So I as soon as I can get a permit on the plane I will sell it and go BMAA. The MWs are nice planes but I cannot face another PFA delay. If I had to I would always have the plane inspected after 6 months to allow for the 6 month delay at the PFA end. Sorry if this is a downer but anyone who knows me will say a say it as I see it.